(MOD POST) Happy 27th Birthday, Yesung!

Okay, I failed again in Math. But no! He’s 26 all over the world but he’s 27 in Korea, so… Happy birthday still, to my precious Kim Jongwoon! Yeepee!

Seriously, Yesung is one of my biases right now. I mean, I have been in love with him since “Love Chaser and “PD Show” (I don’t know the whole title. Fail.) And he is getting manlier and handsomer! I know I’m incoherent but who cares?

And his voice! I adore his voice… especially on It Has To Be You. I am really impressed. Yesung, you make us proud, everyone, especially your turtles. I would love to see you again one day… I can remember that you watergunned me and my co-SVIP friends. Haha. You are really handsome in person. Heehee. Okay… I’ll stop now.

Jongwoon… I just want you to be happy… You captured my heart and I guess you also captured others heart as well. I know that you want to improve… For me you have improved too much already… I hope that you still be the same person we knew, although not personally, but at least in front of the ELFs. 😀 I wish you good luck to your career, family, friends, and Moon Geun Young. Heehee.

God bless and take care~!

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