(MOD POST) Happy 24th Birthday, Kibum!

Is it 24th? Fail. Yeah. As far as I know it’s… August 21, 1987, right? I’m a failure in Math. LOL. So plus 1 year… then 24 in Korea, and 23 here, right?

Anyway, happy birthday to our dear member, Kim Kibum…

I miss him… and because he was at the SS3 in Seoul, I definitely wanted to see him personally. Of course performing on sage with Super Junior, even eat or drink with them, and/or act on television dramas again. Well, I rarely see this guy except in those event pictures…

To be honest, I am ‘nagtatampo’ (There is no translation for tampo in English, but it means something between irritated and mad.) because of him, being MIA in SJ and him being present in other events. He is still a member of SuJu afterall. But… I learned that I don’t have he right to intervene with his life and his career. And he is old enough already to know what are the right things to do.

I appreciate him as a person, and that’s important right? It will come a point that I know… he is going to be back again, whether in acting or with SuJu. I know a lot of people will support him, right? And ELFs, you give him a chance right? He has proved to us that he doesn’t forget about SJ and us, right?

Kim Kibum… do your best. I know you always do. Stay healthy and we will pray for your success. I love you!

Saengil Chukha Hamnida, Kibum~!

P.S. My special friend misses you. And she wants you to be back. 😀


One thought on “(MOD POST) Happy 24th Birthday, Kibum!

  1. hello!!!when i was 14 yrs old 3rd yr highschool,i started to be part of asian lover and i am a big fan of kim kibum of suju..i saw him first on korean drama on phils but i forgot the title one…he was so cute and angelic face for me….all the videos and tribute for kim was fantastic and awesome……..

    kimki bum is one of my favorite dancer,actor and model in seoul….
    kpop is burst now….^_^

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