(RP) The Reason

First of all, I’m not jealous of her because I think that you love her… because of that song list. No. Yes, I’m jealous of the fact that she is near you, and I am not… I can’t be with you no matter how I would want it. I am also jealous of the fact the you know her with all your heart… and you don’t even know I exist. Even if you do, you just know the fake me behind this shadow.

She’s not the reason why I hate you, and I even don’t hate her. The truth is, you are the real reason why I hate you. You know why? I thought you have become stronger all this time. I thought you are able to let it out, because after that point of time, you somehow implied that you love that girl through that list. It may not be really connected, but who knows what is in your mind? I was wrong. You are still weak by showing everyone that you are strong in front of others, then you became to weak when you are alone writing those stuffs. That is why many people are worried about you. Can you not be too fickle and show what you really feel? You always act like you are strong, because you want to show others that you are strong. But how about yourself? Are you happy with it?

PLEASE SHOW YOUR WEAK SIDE ON BOTH PLACES. NOT ONLY ON ONE. I am nobody to say this to you… because I am just that person you never knew.

But what do I know about that business. I think everything in that business is a lie.

I feel that everything you do is just a lie.

I’m sorry. I just can’t help it. From now on… it will not be the same anymore. Until you become open and comfortable.

If you only tell that you love her… until then…

I am going to accept your reason wholeheartedly.


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