(MOD POST) Happy 28th Birthday Heechul!

The dictator’s birthday. Saengil Chukha Hamnida!

Yeah. It’s his birthday, remember? Happy birthday Heechul! You’re already 27 here and 28 there, so you are old already. But what’s your secret? How come that you still look like below twenty-five? Why do you still look beautiful and handsome despite of your age. Well, I envy your beauty. Really, you are more beautiful than me. And you are the most beautiful person in earth. Well, of course I’m exaggerating, but… it’s kinda true.

July 10, 2010. You were born. I believe people of your age envy you too much right now. You grew up to be a smart yet evil kid, I think. And as seen, you are still with soft heart, not a steel heart, right?

You really have a lot of friends, but you liked fights and such, although I know it’s just some kind of care for your friends. Haha. I guess, you had that personality that I liked. Crazy, handsome, and independent. That’s the reason why I got into you before. Haha.

You were my third top crush/bias in SJ.

Kim Heechul is someone I don’t know. But as far as I know, you have that kind of personality wherein you pretend to be strong, you pretend to be laughing, but actually, you are totally pissed or sad. Kim Heechul is also the person who doesn’t mind what others think about you, right?

Heechul the performer, the entertainer… the singer and the dancer, well, not that good but can maintain a good note and can dance to a WG song or an SNSD song or an F(x) song, right? You are really loving your profession, and that’s the most important.

Hmm, I hope you find true happiness, and you find the person who will dictate more than you. Heedictator, good luck and do your best o your birthday. Continue to be the Heechul we love. And always be updated to twitter, okay? Thank you, sorry, I love you~!


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