(MOD POST) Happy 28th Birthday, Leeteuk!

Who’s birthday is today? Pretend you didn’t see the title. LOL.

Special celebration for a special angel.

Well… last July 1, 1983, there was a baby who was born. Look at him now, he is a full-grown man with muscles. Hehe.

It’s Leeteukie’s birthday! Yes. Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, also known as Park Jungsoo! Saengil Chukhahamnida, Leeteuk! You are a year older again. But you never change because you still look young at your age. Okay I’m just fooling around!

Aish. I can’t really say something. It’s Leeteuk’s birthday and he’s my love, but how come I can’t think of any message for him? Is this even normal?

I was also paranoid when I didn’t saw the number of my tweets in twitter. It was nowhere to be found. I wanted to dedicate my 7183rd tweet for you, and because it’s nowhere to be found, I can’t prove that my 7183rd tweet belongs to you. Hehe. 7 – July, 1 – date of birth, 83 – year of birth. Isn’t that awesome? Good thing it came back again. Hahaha.

I can’t think of any other gifts, except a drawing, this nonsense message and a song. LOL. But I fail. :)) Sorry.

Teukie… I am sorry for not keeping my promise that I’ll never look to other man except you. I looked at others because I felt there is something missing in you. The old Teukie I guess? The old Teukie who cries whenever he is hurt. The old Teukie who laughs with his high-pitched voice. The Teukie who is totally in love with himself. Haha. Well, I think he really grew up. And in such a little while, he would be in the military, serving. And for two years, I won’t, I mean all of us won’t see him. I wonder… will I ever forget how handsome he is? Or will my love for him (although I don’t know if it’s love) will ever vanish? This insanity will never leave me… I thought. But am I sure?

For years that I became a fan of Super Junior, I never noticed Leeteuk, until after It’s You days. I mean, the start of Super Show 2. I really regret it. I just paid attention to others, and not to you, who is the most important person in the group. I know others can stand independently, but I feel, you are the person who really urge them to move forward. I never appreciated your works and your effort. Why? Because I only loved SuJu’s music that time. But I started to like and love all the members when I started loving you. Silly me, right? That’s why I never call myself an ELF that time. Well, until now. I am just a FAN and an ELF by HEART.

It’s kind of silly to think that it’s you who made me love everyone as well. Maybe because I paid attention to your love. Wow. Ganoon nga pala talaga yun no? If you love a person, you also love the things or the persons who he loves.

Segway, I have watched your mistake in Big Concert. And it was hilarious. LOL. But don’t worry. I still love you. :)) I still love the way Leeteuk performs on stage… and act handsome. 😀


Leeteuk. You may not be the best for others, but you will always be the best for me. In terms of DJ-ing, being an entertainer and being a leader. You are the best leader for me. Why? You lead 13 people and look at them now. You lead ELF’s heart to loving them. Say not, you haters, but really… he is such a great leader. And whenever I see you having fun with your members, I think I can be happy as well. Whenever you cry because of ELF, or because you miss other members, I can’t really stop crying. Why do I always want to see you cry? Because you are the most beautiful crying angel… Oh gosh, I’m incoherent. I know.

You know what? You really did change a lot in my life. I started to love white because of you. Well I liked white before, and it’s stronger passion for white. And whenever I see a yellow and white combination, I feel happy. You know why. :>

Your dimple in your left cheek. It’s such a cute asset of yours. I don’t know why.

Thank you.

Park Jungsoo… I want to see your smiles and your tears. I know it’s not the real tears or smiles that you show sometimes. But I don’t really care. 

I really don’t know the real Jungsoo because I haven’t talk to him. Yes, I met him, but there is nothing really special. But I can tell if Jungsoo is showing his emotions. I think he only wants everyone to know that he is okay. Although he is not. And although it’s not my business, I want him to be honest with his feelings.

You are already 28th years old now. And you are really growing too fast. I can’t even chase your age now. LOL. I’m only 17. Can I also feel what a 83-liner feels like? I hope, so that I can relate to you. And in our next life, I hope we would be friends for real.

Segway. Leeteuk looked so handsome wearing black today in Sukira. LOL.

When I saw him last SS2 in Manila, I am really speechless. It was our first meeting and I consider it precious. And I can’t really spazz about it. I can’t shout to him whenever he is near and say I love him very much. I can’t even show my fan sign. Well, was that even a fan sign? I can’t help but spazz to other members, but to him, I just can’t. Am I too shy? LOL. Whenever he is near, I can’t help but look at him smile at other fans… well fans that are Leeteuk-biased as well.

What a first meeting. I regret of not telling you how much I love you. Well, I’m hopeless romantic. And I’m used to it.

Bakit nga ba ako nalihis sa usapan?

Okay… Jungsoo, Happy birthday again. My message… follow your heart. I am here to support you. I know you have many friends to support you but… still, I want to be one of them. I wish I can take care of you whenever you feel sick. And I wish I could be one of your friends who will celebrate with you whenever you have this special celebration, or whenever you win an award. I wish I could also feel your pain, and your love. Be happy and show your true self. Uhm, what else. Be what you are right now. Stay the same Jungsoo I loved. And also… I know that there is something really special about that cap, the polo shirt, the number in that twitpic and that heart necklace of yours you are always wearing. Please be open about it. Although it will hurt a lot.

This might not be the best birthday message. But it’s from the bottom of my heart.


P.S. My cover of Corrine May’s Birthday Song. It’s my lyrics. I hope you like it. But other lines are taken from the original song.

I’ll post it tomorrow. My mother. >_< =)) I hope he would see my simple gifts for you tomorrow. The song, the drawing, the tweet, and my love. LOL

Geez… I can’t record the song because I have sore throat. Argh. But here’s the lyrics.
Sing along if you like. 🙂

There is someone we all love
He’s someone really special
He’s an angel and a wonderful leader
He cares for others more
All ELFs love and follow him
ELFs know he is the best
Every year he always improves and becomes who he wants to be
It’s time to return all this love to you
Through this birthday song

Happy Birthday, our friend
Thanks for all you’ve done
For everything
For being who you are
For all the memories
For the joys and the pains
You’re our only happiness
May all your dreams come true

Continue to give smiles and tears to our faces
To light our hearts and to feel your love
Continue to inspire and to give us hope in everything that we do
Fight for yourself and for others
And be what you always want to be
We will always be with you
Whatever it takes
Stay the same Teuk we know
But it’s okay if you grow more

Happy Birthday to you
Thanks for all you’ve done
For everything
For being who you are
For all the memories
For the joys and the pains
You’re my only happiness
You’re the reason why I live


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