(MOD POST) Happy 24th Birthday Ryeowook!

Ryeowook imnida.. Is he already 24 in Korea?

Oh gosh. Our eternal magnae is getting older. And yes. I feel older as well, although my age is really far from his age… Haha.

I’m really pissed right now. Because I have to do many assignments. I hate it. Arrgh. Why should he give assignments that are too many?

But nevertheless, I’m happy that it is Wookie’s birthday today. Okay. Kill me, I’m really fickle when it comes to such things. Hehe.

All I wish for him is a happy life. I know he has now, because he has so many fans, and he has family, friends and co-members that support him and also love him. Oh dear Wookie. What to wish? Uhm. Goodluck with the album as well. And all your shows, performances, and of course, love life.

Hmm. What else… Wookie… was one of my bias before. As in, I fell in love with him on Happiness days. Hehe. And also on Attack on Pin-up Boys. Acting Wookie is the best. He must do comedic acting, right?

I know God loves this boy because he is good. He cooks for his members. I hope he cooks something for me too. Hehe. Anything, even a simple Korean noodles will do. Also, he is so talented. He is good in multitasking – playing piano while singing and dancing. What the hell? Where can you see a person like him?

Oh I know that you really improved a lot… especially these days when the 4th album came out. He gathered too many fans! I love it! And he’s one of the people who changed in a good way.

I love you, stay healthy and be happy! Happy Birthday again… 23rd birthday here, 24th there. Saengil Chukahaeyo~


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