(RP-129) Pissed.

Okay. Really I’m pissed. But because I have my first very significant test on Accounting for Partnership and Corporation, I have to concentrate.

Basta, it’s because of my father. Hehe. He really likes MC and JB, which is really… argh. Okay I know it’s not right to be pissed because everyone has opinions, but seriously. Why those two that most people hate? I mean… They are both good in doing other things (IDKW) But singing, no.

And comparing them to SJ? Well, that’s a different story. It’s not that… I say that SJ are all good singers… but I say that most of them are better in terms of singing. SJ has improved so much. Not being bias here. Saying the truth. While the two… okay come on, bash me, but really. their voices stay the same.

It’s my point of view. So don’t kill me. LOL.

Okay, I tell you, I am liking their songs.
But I’m more on Lady Gaga’s voice. 😛


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