No, I am not sick as in illness or something.

Wow! I posted here after a month! Wee!

I am sick and tired of all these drama. This is true. Sometimes, I just want to let go of that promise. I am hurt because many people bash my fandom and my idols as well and think that they are so overraed because of all these dramas. To think that they also a hurt when someone bashes his fandom and idols.

Grow up people. I am hating all these stuffs.

I love my idols. I love my fandom as well. And no matter what they say, I stick to my opinion.

But… really. Sometimes I am thinking of giving up. Hankyung will never be with them. Maybe he still cares for his fans and his fellow members, but not as much as before. He is just thinking about himself now. Okay, I know it’s good for him though. And I don’t want to be selfish. Really. So I guess, we have to let go. Can’t you see his success in China now? all those recordings, all by himself. Stop being selfish people. Let go. He himself told that he will still be okay despite of that.

One thing I admire about their leader – HE NEVER STOPS BELIEVING OR THE GROUP’S FANS. Leeteuk makes us believe no matter what.

And he must give up too and be real. I know that it will be hard for him, but fans will understand, because I know most of ELF’s are giving up as well and they are too scared to tell it because they don’t want to be bashed by others who keep on thinking that Hankyung will come back, or even the antis who are waiting for us to fall down and mock us and the group.

Why must be scared anyways? They are just antis. I don’t want what happened to 2pm to happen in SJ, because I really love them.

Speak up and if you don’t say any word, everything will stay the same. We will suffer as well for waiting and waiting. I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want us to hate SJ and become antis as well by the time the lawsuit has ended.

And so to Kibum. He said that he loves acting more. But I still believe that he loves his fellow members. They will remain as brothers, don’t worry.

And to Kangin. I know he’ll be back because he showed himself and he said he will.

I know, some of you reading this will say, “Hey, don’t speak like that as if you know them.”

Okay I know, I don’t know them personally. I am just a fan knows how to respect and how to do good for their idols right? That’s why I am saying this to all of you.

Besides, do you know them as well?

Nevertheless, although this thing continues to bug us, I KNOW AND I BELIEVE… Super Junior WILL REMAIN AS BROTHERS. NOT AS A GROUP. BUT A FAMILY.

SJ JJANG! SURPASS IT. We will accept everything.

P.S. I am editing this over and over again. Not because I am doubting if I will say my opinion, but because I HATE MY KEYBOARD.


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