(RP-128) Rusty

Okay this blog has been rusty. Because I haven’t updated it since… last month? I guess? So, I’m updating this… But not with news. ALTHOUGH! I want to greet Mr. Evil Magnae Kyu with thousands of nicknames (according to his fans – I’m one of them) a happy fourth anniversary! It was yesterday, I know… but I don’t have time to blog about it because I’m busy for my online enrolment which didn’t turn out that nice. Hehe. And okay, Twitter! XD

Please Kyu my son, have a twitter account~

But I will be on hiatus in Twitter… XD And every where… Even in KPOP fandom. So… there. Must. Resist.

But I will still be… SuJu’s no. 1 ELF. XD Okay. I may not be the no. 1 but… I’ll try my best~!

Someone is calling me right now. Imma sleep. Night.~


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