(RP-126) Character of a Book

“He is just a character of a book. No matter how much I love him, we cannot be together. We can’t love each other for real.”

Yes, Miaka, it’s exactly what I’m feeling right now. He is just a character of a book called show business.

The world inside that book and the real world… they shall not be together. Or else, there will be chaos. The characters of the book shall stick to the book itself, and the characters of the real world shall stick to their own world.

So I’ll just be contented reading that book. Silently, without pushing myself into it. Or else, I’ll end up hurt… and miserable.

“You can’t be with him because he is just a character of a book!”

Oh, Yui. I think I know now what you want to tell Miaka. He is just a character. Nothing more, nothing less.

But why can’t I stop loving him like this? I feel hurt, I feel bad. I feel happy I feel scared. I feel jealous I feel awkward. But I’m thankful I knew him. I am thankful that I became a character of his own book as well, even though he doesn’t know I really exist.

I thank him for including me on his love list. It’s too general, I don’t even know if I am a part of it.

But, it is still a reason for thanking him, even if he doesn’t know I am part of his own story. Who am I to be his main character? In his heart, there are too many things/people in it. But sadly, I can’t be the biggest thing/person occupying it.

Isn’t it treating fairly? Fairly, right?

I know…

But… Miaka and Tamahome still become together right?

Well… it’s a different case.

You’re just a character.

Stick to that.


Goodnight. ♥


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