(MOD POST) Halalan 2010

Hello! This is immortalsoul123 and I’m a Filipino. As you all know, we have our halalan, or Philippine Elections today. So I’m writing here to say to my fellow Filipinos to vote wisely. Don’t just vote for the sake of voting. Patience and hard work will lead to a long-time convenience for us Filipinos. We have to do it for our motherland, like what we did to our mothers yesterday.

Vote wisely (WTH is WISELY)! Joking. Of course, don’t let your vote go to waste. I know many of us are disappointed on some problems in voting. Some PCOS machines are not functioning well, the lists of voters are not arranged and some of the voters are paid by some politicians for their votes. Please let us make this election safe for everyone, as if it is our last. Choose the best leader who can lead our nation to a better future. Everything is in our hands, right?

I heard some who didn’t vote because they say that there is no chance anymore. You’re wrong. There is always a chance if we believe.

I’m not yet legal to vote, but as a Filipino, I know that this is necessary. And it is for our future. Anything that happens today will change everything. So Filipinos, vote!

For the politicians, please always keep in mind the goodness of the country. Do not only think of your pleasures in life. You chose to serve and I hope it’s really to serve. Don’t abuse your powers. All of us are relying on you.

And also, it is not about winning, right? It’s about service. If you don’t win, so what? Even though you spent a lot for campaign. But every time you see people supporting you, does it feel good? It feels good right? That’s the best thing. And you can always help even though you don’t have powers, right? If you are willing, then you can do it!

To others… don’t always judge a person base on the bad things you hear about them. Look to them on the brighter side, of what they really did for the betterment of country.

Have a blessed elections! 😀


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