(RP-123) 46875, 47047, 45683968

The first number has significance. It has a pattern. Look:

4 – 1st

5 – 5th

6 – 2nd

7 – 4th

8 – 3rd

Can you see the pattern? No? Trace it using your hands. If you can’t see the pattern… Tss. I WAS also 46875th follower of Leeteuk. After following him, I unfollowed him again. LOL. Lakas ng trip ko? Kanya-kanya lang yan. Kaya I said, I WAS.

Then after sometime… I followed him again, when his followers reached 47046. I became his 47047th follower, but again, I unfollowed him. Haha. Silly. Yeah, I know. Kanya kanyang trip lang iyan. Gawin niyo rin sa ikaliligaya niyo… for your happiness. Heehee.

The last number… Decode it using your phone. 😀 That is my message for Angel’s Hair Pasta. I wish he can read it. 😀 Hanminteuk knows it too. LOL

That’s it. Tinatamad akong mag-post… kahit ano… maging ito. 😀

Sort of…

My father will be going to the province tomorrow. And I have a test and a class tomorrow. So… Goodnight!


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