Shindong Twitter Tweets – April 30

Super Junior member!! TeukieTeukieLeeteuk!! Starting Twitter!! Many of you go follow him please!!^^ President of Teuk Academy, Super Junior’s Leader, next generation MC, Angel without Wings TeukieTeukie Leeteuk!! We have to show Teukie hyung how fun tweet is –> @special1004 follow him immediately!!ㅎㅎ

Original Source. Shindong’s twitter
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

For the record, his username is so typicall him ..and hilarious.
special1004 = 1004 is pronounced in the same way you pronounce the word “chunsa(=angel)” = special angel


I really thought it was related to angel. Haha. Anyway… at First I thought it was April 10, then April 2010, then October 4 that didn’t make sense. Haha. So there. Why did you confrim your twitter only now? Tsk.


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