(RP-122) I Can’t Take it Anymore XD

Okay. The title is like the cheat on GTA Vice City. Hehe.

Self… abstain… Though Teukie said he will reveal a picture of him which was taken from his mobile phone. I need to abstain. Hehe. Will not follow him yet, because I have only 1999 tweets as of now. Haha. Pigilan ang pagiging adik sa Twitter! Haha.

OMG! The manly laugh of Eunhyuk while they are singing Gee. Hahaha. I’m dying. Anyway.

Okay. Restrain.

Shall I make it another 3000 tweets? Hehe. I just feel this is not the time to follow him. Hahahaha. I’m dying but… let’s die if it’s necessary. Kyah.

What am I waiting for?! Shall I follow him now? I’m excited… But. I have my own reasons why I am not following him. Heehee.

Goodnight! No classes tomorrow, labor day, extended up to May 3. Then a test on May 4. I should study hard now.

♥Angels are immortal and indeed they are special. So… they just need special attention and love.♥

P.S. My decision. I’ll make it… OMG LEETEUK’S HIGH-PITCHED LAUGH. No change at all. I’ll make it 2000. Hehe. But not now. Not now. Kanya-kanyang trip yan. Hehe.

Ang ganda ng name ko… it means “Oh, I” In Korean. Weird.


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