Yesung’s ‘It Has To Be You’ is a Success + Vote for ‘It Has To Be You’ M Wave

Three separate information. I just compiled this up. 😀 Congratulations, Yesung for It Has to be You’s success not only in charts but also in drama!


He got all no. 1 in various ringtone charts.

Nate Ringtone: #1

Nate Coloring: #1

T World Ringtone: #1

T World Coloring: #1

Show Ringtone: #1

Show Coloring: #1

OZ Ringtone: #1

OZ Coloring: #1

Information from bestiz
shared by LaCrymaMosa


‘It Has To Be You’ also won Bronze medal in Cyworld BGM Hall of Fame. In order to get a bronze medal, its sale must be ranged within 100,000 and 200,000 dotories*.

* Lacrymamosa’s assumption, as the currency on Cyworld is dotory.


And vote for the song on M Wave:

1. Create an account with Arirang

2. Click on this link

3. Click on the “Click to Vote” Button.

4. Then you will be taken to a page where you can see the songs to choose from.

You will have to choose 4 so please make sure you choose Yesung too!
And that’s it, according to the site, you can only vote once per ID. Help spread the word.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Teukie ,, says:

    I was vote for him
    Congraulation oppa you the best you deserve it


  2. andrea says:

    i like yesung so much and i like it has to be you so much !!!


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