Sungmin Cyworld Diary Entry + Board Message – April 29

2010.04.29 11:55

It seems that raising Hyaku and Sen is not always a happy thing..

Although I really like doing it…

But the neighbourhood have suffered a lot..

And our beloved members’ bronchial tubes are in weak condition..

So I dont like it either…

Although they’re very very lovely that I want to be with them forever..

and I should raise them until the end..

Although I have been continuously looked up for a solution here and there but it seems that I cant find an answer..

So I had to make an unavoidable decision to give them up…

I’m finding the people who will take responsibility with their love to take care of our Hyaku and Sen until the end..

(That person) Please dont let my sons suffer like I’ve done because I’m not a good father with my schedule didnt let me play with my sons much and I couldnt take care of them well…

The people who will love Hyaku and Sen more than me please leave your writing on the “Board” folder..

2010.04.29 11:57
Title : To the people who will raise (the cats)…

To the people who will raise (the cats)…

Real name/



Your experiences of raising pets/

The agreement from the people that you live with/

Your phone number/

Please write these…

– Sungmin also wrote in Janpanese (as you can see the Japanese lines below the Korean one), dont worry they have the same content
– read more about bronchus/bronchial tubes here, if you dont have a good bronchus, it’s not healthy to raise animals especially those have fur since you can breath in their fur and it will cause some disease

source : 이성민 미니홈피
translated by
thanks kimallow and Rai for the shout out
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits


Right. Giving up the things/persons you love is really difficult. I salute Sungmin for sacrificing. I want to take care of your cats, because I love cats more than dogs, but I’m in the Philippines, and my parents won’t let me. Hyaku and Sen has been dear to you that you treat them as your children.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle says:

    aww…he’s so nice..I want to take care of his cats too but, too bad I’m in the Philippines also and we already have a pet dog..

  2. Nicole says:

    Install an air cleaner……I had asthma and my cat was in my room 24/7….it caused alot of problems, so my parents bought me an air cleaner…..and tada~

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