(RP-121) In a Hurry

Lol, I’m in a hurry. I’ve to sleep now because out of nowhere, I just found out that my summer class is starting tomorrow. LOL. I haven’t know it until now. Hehe. I just enroled hours ago and it was freaking hot even though it’s raining. Hehe. And I’ve waited for almost three hours just to get my receipt. Getting my assessment form and paying is easy, but getting the receipt is a lot of work. Haha. So I felt haggard.

So tomorrow is the start of my summer class, so pray for me. It’s Monday to Saturday, for two hours, for 3 weeks. So I’ll be on semi-hiatus again. This is my last chance (sorta).

Tsk, Casey James was in the bottom 3 again. Good thing he didn’t leave the show. It was Siobhan, though I like her, she sings like Yesung. 😀

I want to go on May 8, the Marry U event of SJUPH and Universal Records Philippines. It is the day of the release of Don’t Don CD+DVD in the Philippines, and also, we have the chance to ‘marry’ our bias. Pictures, marriage certificates and official stamp. What can possibly go wrong? At least, even on that event, I can be ‘married’ to my bias (which is Leeteuk, although my real ‘husband’ is Eunhyuk. Leeteuk is my ‘dad’, remember? But of course, if I can be married that day, I’d choose Leeteuk to say my ‘I do’ to. I will be wearing a wedding veil, then take a picture with ‘him’. Isn’t it exciting? And sweet?

But unfortunately, I guess I can’t go because I have classes. Haha. But I’ll try, for my love! 😀 LOL. Silly. Babo.

There, goodnight.

LSS: I Did Wrong by 2AM.

Angel’s Hair Pasta, will you marry me on May 8? I hope so, even on picture. 😀

I love you!

Goodluck to me tomorrow! I can do this! Fighting!

On the lighter side, I can gather some money and save because I have my allowance. Hehe.

♥Angels are immortal and they live in fairytales where they live happily forever and ever.♥

P.S. Isn’t it obvious that I’m in a hurry? Haha.


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