Super Junior M Won 3 Major Awards on China Music Festival

Sub group of Super Junior, SuperJunior-M bagged 3 major awards at the China’s music festival last week, showing how high SJ-M’s popularity really is.

On the evening of the 24th, SJ-M received the ‘most popular group’, ‘golden melody award’ and the ‘composer award’ proving that they are very popular artiste in the chinese music industry.

This is the eighth year of this award ceremony, and one of the four most prestigious music award ceremony in China. Hosted by China’s larest and most popular radio channel, the awards incorporate votings by listeners and other methods to determine the winner, and hence is one of China’s most anticipated music award ceremony every year.

Most notably, would be ever since SJ-M’s debut n 2008, and having received awards such as “best group” and other main awards, and having received the “most popular group in China” and bagging the most prestigious “golden melody awards”, and because of hit song , the composer Liu Ying also received the ‘composer award’, hence showing that SJ-M is indeed a hit in mainland China.

Also, due to preperations for upcoming albums, SJ-M was unable to turn up at the award ceremony and expressed great regret over it, and have also recorded a video of their thought on winning these awards.

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