(RP-120) My Only Wish

Okay, I might not be back this evening because I’m busy watching (I mean listening) to Sukira all night and still doing the drawings. Well, tomorrow, I guess, I can’t update my blog about news and stuff, but I think I will post a random post about what will happen to me tomorrow. Hahahaha. Did I write it right? I’m going to enroll for summer classes.

Side comment: OMG, YoonA’s laugh on Youngstreet Radio with Heechul. Kyah. So cute.



Okay, I’m really happy about Casey James’ performance tonight on American Idol. It made me happy, because I felt it. Michael too. I felt really emotional listening to them. And Simon! He’s so cute wearing black, and Casey, white. Haha.


I’m watching Sukira now! Wave! Hi~! And Kyu is wearing a beanie and a black jacket. Kyah. Eunhyuk is wearing a t-shirt with yellow. I’m dying. 😀 Of course, Leeteuk is wearing white. Kyah. My three biases are on Sukira. What can possibly go wrong?

Okay… I found something in Facebook (c/o Kaycee): Here it is:

I could not agree more. It’s sweet you know. Among all their fans/all who love them, you were chosen by him. It’s really… great, mostly on fangirl’s life.

But it is not the wish I’ve been talking about. LOL

Do you want to know my wish? Here it is.

I WISH IT WOULD RAIN! But it already came true a while ago, so I’ll make another wish.










I WISH IT WOULD RAIN AGAIN! Haha. Seriously XD I want it to rain because it’s too hot. Tsk.


Okay, bye for now, gonna enjoy Sukira. 😛

SIDE COMMENT: KYAH! Leeteuk’s laugh! @_@

@Angel’s Hair Pasta, PuffKyu and SpiceEunhyuk, PLEASE WAVE ON THE CAMERA. LOL So that I can see. Heehee.

Songs for tonight…

Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler

Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore by Reo Speedwagon

You’re Still the One by Shania Twain

Honey by Leeteuk 😀

That’s it… I’m enjoying Sukira now. FTW.

♥Angels are immortal. I just can’t say anything.♥


P.S. Kyu is talking a lot. I love it. Kyu is ♥ 😀 EunTeuk fighting for the second hour. Eunhyuk please talk a lot, I want to hear your voice (and singing as well), and Teuk, I want to hear you speaking in English and singing and laughing that high-pitched laugh. Haha.

A.P.S. I HATE the mosquitoes surrounding me. Haha.

EDIT: I can’t watch the second hour. Hahaha.


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