(RP-116) The Moon Face to Face With The Sun

Tsk. The title IS significant for all reasons. Hehe. I didn’t just made it up.

I was on our rooftop when I saw the moon near the Mezza building. Then I face my left, and saw the sun. Nice, right. Too bad I didn’t have a picture of it. Tsk.

Anyway, it’s really beautiful, I saw the two of the greatest celestial bodies. 😀 And now… time really flies fast. The moon was far above the building in just almost twenty minutes, and the sun was setting. Then, they faced each other. That was a great scene. 😀

And now, it’s already 10:19pm here in the Philippines. And at exactly 11, I will sleep na. It’s Wednesday tomorrow, and my rest/summer will be over already. Haist. And… Sukira is ending too. Kyah. I miss Leeteuk’s updates in his cyworld. Hahaha. I am living half because of it, so I’m half-dead because of it… If only he can make twitter account right now. Haha. *HEECHUL! TELL HIM TO MAKE ONE… DONGHAE, SHINDONG, SUNGMIN, HENRYor SIWON or ANYONE?*

*glares outside the window*

I HATE IT! THEY ARE WATCHING A SUSPENSE MOVIE AND THE VOLUME OF THE TV IS TOO LOUD. T_T Nevertheless, I’m having fun drawing Eunhyuk and Donghae here. Haha. But I fail when I draw their eyes.

It’s a birthday present for a friend. A EunHae biased. LOL. So I’m trying my best! 🙂

And of course, another birthday present for my bestfriends. Naks. Kala mo si “Daddy, este Mommy” lang, ah. Hahaha. At ikaw! oo ikaw nga! Birthday mo na bukas!

What else… uhm, I want to watch an anime right now. Cheeky Angel, perhaps. But I can’t. I have to abstain T_T

I guess he’s never going back again… My hope just faded away… that he will be with them again. I miss it, when you’re together. I’m feeling kinda betrayed, but still, I promise that I’ll be happy whatever his decision is. So. I am letting him go now. Be happy, and still be considerate.

Oh yeah! FTW.

Angel’s Hair Pasta is LOVE. OMG, his voice is love. ♥

♥Angels are immortal and I love them eternally much. (ACTUALLY, there is only one angel I love eternally much.)♥

Goodnight everyone. Gonna work on my gifts.


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