LOL. I’m full of angst right now. I don’t know anymore how can I burst it all up. Tsk. Angst is agony in German. LOL

Why are people around me telling me to stop on what I am doing? Can’t they mind their own businesses? Tsk. It’s killing me. Why do they keep on telling me to stop loving what I love? It’s my life anyway. I know it DOES concern you because I’m still dependent of you. But on the other hand, it is my own will so whatever happens, it’s still me who will benefit or suffer.

I know that you just want me to be in good condition. But in this way, I think I’m doing the right thing. I’m doing this because I benefit from this. It makes me happy and contented. I am not the same person, I know, the person…

OMG! Hyuk and Teuk on SUKIRA. Dang, I’m emoting here. Anyway.

Back, the person who… is good in something, good in academics, especially. I just want to be who I want to be right now.

I’m sorry for being so emotional. But this doesn’t mean I’m weak to be emotional like this. LOL. I just let go of everything. I’m better now. 😀 ^^

Gosh. Back on Tweeting. I♥SuperJunior is trending at no. 1, 4 hours at no. 1. Kyah.


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