(RP-113) You Know

Weird. I should have tagged this as MOD POST or something, but I guess, I made a right decision.

I watched Clash of the Titans with my family hours later in a movie house. Well, it was pretty amazing. I love the effects, but what I love more was Perseus. LOL. I seriously like him! He’s a good actor. Kyah.

Anyway, I will not make this any longer.

You already knew that Leeteuk, yeah, Super  Junior leader’s (Should I say that still because I know all of you who is reading this post knows Leeteuk?) cyworld was hacked. Some of you knows already who are the people involved in this issue, right? I mean, I don’t intend war and fights, or anything related.

I really felt nervous about this. And every time I open my laptop my heart is beating so fast.

Please, hacker or anyone involved, don’t hurt Leeteuk. Don’t you know that it was hard for him? What if you were in his shoes right now? I think you’ll feel the same way. I am glad that Leeteuk is a strong person to face this kind of things happening to him.

I kinda don’t get why celebrities were treated like this. They are people too, right? They have emotions. As my mother said, “Celebrities are famous. Everyone relates to them and is connected with them. So when a celebrity’s fame or achievements are many, the tendency is people will pull him/her down again. Pride is great. It made people commit sins and mistakes. So don’t let pride eat you.”

Leeteuk doesn’t want fight or anything, that’s what I believe in. We can’t actually guess what’s in his mind, so don’t make speculations that he is pertaining to you. Well, I believe it’s just a wrong (and bad) timing to write that kind of entry in a time when fight slightly involving him is occurring. But I don’t blame him. It happens to me, too. 😀 Kyah, Leeteuk knows how to react without backstabbing people. PROVEN AND TESTED.

I’m not speaking for him because I don’t know him, and I AM NOT HIM. But as my bias (more on my love hehe), I think I have the right to support him no matter what because I believe in him. I trust him with all my heart. *Getting emotional here* Haist. It’s pretty hard for us to know that he closed his cyworld. Duh, people need some privacy! Ack. He thinks that cyworld is his resting place and a comfortable place where he can put anything he wants. Tsk. Now what? He lost it. He lost a great possession. We lost something too – cyworld was the only way for he and his fans/ELF’s to be connected. Argh. Now it’s making me angry.

Okay… Please don’t touch him. Leave him alone. You can insult us and we will accept it, but please not him. Please, I’m begging you.

To Leeteuk: I’ll support you no matter what. I and ELF’s will support you until everything is back to normal. Don’t mind them, just live your life. I’ll be anticipating for the 4jib, so better be good, okay! I love you always and forever until I die (ROFL). But I’m serious. LOL. Angels are immortal, remember?

Oh, I baked a cake. And this time it’s not fail! XD I wish I can give some to you to make you feel better. And I’m singing a song for you. I hope you can hear it even if I’m here and you’re there. (I know your heart will hear it,♥<->♥, right?) CHEESY.

P.S. Seriously, reconsider Twitter. XD                                         

Oh, people. Goodnight! Let’s love our leader! HOW I WISH HE CAN READ THIS… NYAHAHA.

Angel’s Hair Pasta FTW!

♥♥♥Angels are immortal and they will never be giving up because people believe in them.♥♥♥


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