Heechul Twitter Tweets – April 24

I’m home~ I just drank some sake, hard liquor, and beer ke With Family Outing PD-nim and Hongsi Hongsi* Hongki (+_+) I must be a little drunk keke So I really need to buy a iphone.. I had used SK** for 10 years though..

*Hongsi is Persimmon
**SK is a brand of a Korean cellphone company, iphones can only be purshased in Korea with another company (show)


Ah today I’m going to be the MC of a wedding ke It’s the wedding of my manager hyung way back from my very first (drama) Banolim so I said “I will MC your wedding!!” but.. this is a big problem.. I have to do well.. Oohehehe ke ke


@realmithrajin Yah but what is this for ㅡㅡ I cant log on to NateOn with this rite ㅡㅡ? I should just leave my computer on whole dayㅡㅡ^
@Heedictator If you have a smartphone you can go back and forth between those 2.
@realmithrajin Hey Gomtaengie (Bear-ie)ㅡ Did you chug down alcohol?
@realmithrajin My friend Gom-thra^-^ Did you drink last night? I’m worriedㅠㅠ…………..Ah I’m ruined. They say this is not a whisper.. Everyone can see it ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke There is a seperate option for sending messages
@Heedictator send that person a whisperㅋㅋ
@babospmc There are many whispers like “If Ssamdi is not like this /w it’s ok if Ssamdi is like thisㅡㅡ^ twitter is such a weird thing
@Heedictator It’s the DM!!!!!!!ㅋㅋㅋ iPhone ㄱ ㄱ ㄱ
@babospmc But I’m the customer of SK for 10 years
@babospmc All the peole use iPhone praise itㅡㅡ Ah it’s not about guys’ “stylish” it’s about them being smartㅡㅡ It’s not only you and me who can read thisㅡ Other people also can read this tooㅋㅋ You dont know either rite ?ㅋㅋ Therefore dont curse here
@babospmc Indeed you are hip-hop artist so you can use the word “stylish”*. But I’m an idol so I cant use that word at a public place. Because I’m Kim Heechul no.1 artist of formal and informal language

*I put the word stylish in ” ” is because it’s a very strong slang word, not good korean at all, and is not used in TV/radio


After this conversation, Shindong replied to Heechul:

@Heedictator @babospmc You two, why are you close like that!! I’m becoming jealous!! Me too I want to hip hop with you!! Yo!! do it!!Man~


Donghae told me kindly. “Hyung, on this everyone that comes to your page can see everything.” and that’s when I realized it. “Ah…(-┏) I’m ruined..”


@Heedictator Heenim. Buy an iPhone. Just do it ㅋㅋ
@defconn1 Ah I can’t use Touch ㅋㅋ Touch is for the weak man


Ah I give up posting photos here will just do it on minihompy ㄱㄱ


Go home gogogogogogo http://yfrog.us/jy74231606z
@defconn1 Wow…Hyung can upload video too..You have a camcorder rite..ㅡㅡ I’m also thinking about buying a motorbike too (+_+) Hyung please drive safely ~ dont forget to wear the helmet
@Heedictator With an iPhone you can film everything ㅋㅋㅋ Motorbike. Sometimes just sometimes I ride it. When the weather is good. Man! ㅋㅋ
@defconn1 ㅋㅋHyung and Ssamdi and Mithra..always promoting the iPhoneㅋㅋ I can record video with my phone tooㅋㅋ and also take photos ㅋㅋ


@defconn1 ㅋㅋAre my cats really beautiful ?ㅋㅋ I dont like dogs ㅋㅋ
@Heedictator Me too when I was young I got bitten by a dog . Since then I dont want to be near them ㅋㅋㅋ What is the fun of raising cats ?
@defconn1 Cats have personalities like mine ㅋㅋ They totally hate people that they hate and they totally love people that they love ㅋㅋ I have to do the radio right now ㅋㅋ


http://twitpic.com/1i0jy6 Baengsin who grows up very quickly. Baengsin-ah what are you looking at ^∇^


http://twitpic.com/1i0prd This is our Heebum ♥ He’s hostile so taking pictures of him is the most difficult ㅡㅡ+ HeeBum. I took about 20 pictures but I only saved this one..


Everyone, what is your favourite hairstyle of mine?(This is my friendly way of talking) If you use english.. I need Henry–

http://twitpic.com/1i1sj0 I eat snacks like this because I don’t like using my hands^-^ Therefore I eat pizza and chicken with chopsticks ^-^


Ryeowook made me chapaghetti* with this and that so I’m seriously stuffed ~ When Ryeowook isn’t here I cook alone so I mix tuna and rice and eat it!! ah, ryeowook, you rascal, you must be a treasure jar ㅋㅋ My stomach is gonna burst

* brand of black bean noodles/jajangmyeon

<< by the way, this expression (emote) is really okay, right? ㅋㅋ My loved expression(+_+) Full of shame ㅋㅋ I seem like a pervert but ㅡㅡ


Undead who have a photo of me on Xman from when I just debuted. Please give me the pictureㅋㅋ It would be a memory for me

source : Kim Heechul’s twitter
translated by Jihee, ♥ jubee ♥, evanesco and Alice (『SexyDino☆彡』) @sj-world.net
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits



Because of his updates on twitter (in English) Bangshin, Heebum, PM8 (Start of Youngtreet FM) and something but I can’t remember it, they trended. LOL. Starbucks also trended because of Donghae. It was really ELF’s who bring back SJ to twitter. Yeeepeee!

Also, a while ago, #sj4thalbumsoon was trending too. WOW. So many trending topics about SJ. And now, #weloveHenry! Kyah. So happy.

ELF’s dominate the twitter world.

And all hail Kim Heechul! The Twitter King 😀 He’s ruined? HECK NO! TWITTER! 🙂

LOL at Shindong’s jealousy. But Heechul didn’t reply to Shindong because Heechul is not following Shindong, that’s why his reply was included in the millions and millions replies from Heechul’s followers. Fail Heechul for not following the other members. LOL

Ryeowook omma. LOL


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