Yesung and Moon Geun Young’s Fate

Yesung of Super Junior stated publicly that he had many chances to meet actor Moon Geun Young personally and sensed fate between them.

On the 15th, during the broadcast of SBS Power FM “Power Time”, hosted by Choi Hwa Jeong, Yesung was asked who did he like most in the entertainment business circle. Yesung directly stated that “Since a long time ago, I only had one ideal girl in my heart.” That person that he was talking about, was the “Nation’s little sister”, Moon Geun Young.

In the program, Yesung honestly expressed that once during the preview of the movie “M”, he bumped into Moon Geun Young. He expressed that when he saw her, he wanted to personally sign the Don’t Don Super junior Album for her to give to her, but the crowd was too busy and noisy, so he wasn’t able to pass it to her. At the end, he met her again in the parking lot, and he wanted to give her the album. At that time, a fan kept on shouting “Geun-Young unnie, Yesung oppa~Yesung oppa~” Yesung was felt really shy as the fans yelled that, but as the fans yelled that line, he felt so in love that he could only stand there shyly in the crowd, smiling smugly to himself…

On the same day, Super Junior Happy ’s other members Eeteuk, Sungmin and Shindong were also asked about their favourite actresses; the names they listed out were Kim Tae Hee, Kang Hye-jeong, Sung Hye kyo. Eunhyuk expressed that the type of girl he likes should best have “Eyes like Son-Ye-Jin, Im Su-jeong’s character and cuteness, Sung Yuri’s skin, Choi Jung-Won’s clothing, that’s right – just exactly a girl like Choi Hwa Jeong (the hosting DJ)~ ”

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Info from SJ-Market – found in SJ Baidu Bar
Chinese Translation: 滾滾
English Translation: Cheryl Chow @


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