Sukira Transcript – April 16-22

100418 Shindong consulting a fortune telling regarding weight loss
Leeteuk: Although our Shindong is chubby, he has his own personal style. Therefore he was in a dilemma, whether to slim down or not. So, he went to a fortune teller, and when the fortune teller saw him, he said to him angrily…
Eunhyuk: “What, you are so skinny already, and you still want to slim down!” This means that he should be more chubby, and he is very skinny already. This also gave him more confidence, that he is already quite skinny, and shouldn’t be worried about it.
Leeteuk: Yea, he is very good in this condition.

100422 4Jib MV behind the scenes
Eunhyuk: Recently, when we were shooting our MV in the studio, Big Bang was coincidentally shooting their japanese MV in the room beside us. When we were eating dinner, Shindong ate finished our meals, and went to Big Bang’s room and ate their rice also. He came back showing off Big Bang’s curry rice was very tasty. We also wanted to try it, but were too embarrassed. Sorry, Big Bang.
Leeteuk: No, they had finished eating. Shindong ate their leftovers, so embarrassing.
Eunhyuk: Yea, it was so funny.
Leeteuk: Wash dishes for others.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Fyi, I have permission to translate her translations.


LOL! Shindong! You’re killing me (and so as Heenim on twitter. LOL). Big Bang and SJ. LOL XD


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