(RP-111) Reserved

Another tough day. Tsk. Only five days to go.

Good day everyone. Reserving this spot for future use.


I’m wishing now.

I wish… Leeteuk will not give up and all he’ll receive is tons and tons of love.

Besides, 111 is a good number, isn’t it?

Gonna eat ice cream then be back wishing. 😀

EDIT: From Rashrelic (Dee): “Hindi karuwagan ang pag-iwas sa bala.” (It is not cowardness if you avoid a bullet.) OMG. I’m a fail translator.

ANOTHER EDIT: Goal this summer: to learn different languages (especially Korean and Japanese and other Asian languages).

Hello, I’m immortalsoul123. 😀
I want to learn your language.

Can you teach me please? Anyone? Thank you very much. 😀

OMG. I can’t say it. :O


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