Leeteuk Cyworld Entry – April 23

2010.04.23 Friday 23:27

..A mosquito sat on a tiger’s back and sucked his blood..

..The mosquito felt good because he had conquered the tiger..

..But the tiger didn’t even care..

..Isn’t this the difference between a master and an amateur?..

..Don’t react to the little things..

Source: Jungsoo’s Minihompy
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ @ sj-world.net
Take out with credits!


I visited his cyworld minihompy a while ago and all are completely hidden. What happened?

Anyway, I read this yesterday pa, and I saw too many stickers covering the entry (Spongebob. Three of them. And cars). I guess he didn’t really want it to be exposed (I’m referring to his Diary Entry).

Well, back to the topic. I didn’t understand it. Seriously. Really. But as I read it, I think it has something in it (valuable lesson, that is).

Don’t react to the little things. But isn’t it sometimes those little things that we don’t pay attention to results to a bigger problem?

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