Siwon’s Twitter Tweets – March 25 – April 18 finally started twitter. My loving family~! Because of everyone’s interest and love, we managed to complete Episode 1 and 2 without a hitch.^^ Thank you so much for the support and I will work hard to show you even more good sides of Choi Shiwon. ^^
11:17 AM Mar 25th via TwitPic – “Where is my Lady?”*
1:36 PM Mar 30th via TwitPic
*in English. whom I love … keep watching over us with interest!^^ This is a picture that manager hyung took when we were shooting the car scene.
1:40 PM Mar 30th via TwitPic – Happy Easter!!*
9:17 PM Apr 4th via TwitPic
*in English. – Good time with my Fam… *
4:53 PM Apr 6th via TwitPic
*in English. – ^^
5:57 PM Apr 7th via TwitPic – Thank you everyone for your love & support! Today is a day of celebration & a day of thanksgiving to our LORD! Thank you Jesus for making me so hot! *
5:59 PM Apr 7th via TwitPic
*in English.
[Making a] V with Yeeun~~~!
10:43 PM Apr 18th via Twitpic – My daughter Yeeun who always calls me dad when she comes running ^^ I’m already crazy about her! My “Oh! My Lady!” Yeeun! Sorry Chaerim noona! ㅋㅋ
Apr 18th via TwitPic

Source: Siwon’s Twitter
Translated by: Jihee, ♥ jubee ♥ @
Take out with credit!


Kyah! Run Devil Run is at the first spot on MDT. Yey!
Sorry, off topic >_<

LOL at Siwon! So kawaii! Hehe. I think he was the first one to start twitter, earlier than Shindong.

Well! I thank Jesus too for making him hot. LOL

LMAO! Graduation day first anniversary. March 25. LMAO


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