Shindong Talking About Rumors About 4 Jib Concept

SuJu Shindong, “A vampire concept for Super Junior’s 4jib? Oh, where did that came from.”

Idol group Super Junior member Shindong talked about the rumors of their fourth album sensitively.

At the morning of April 22nd, Shindong updated his Twitter. “Rumours on internet these days..” he wrote, “Super Junior’s 4jib concept is vampire.”

Then he continues, “Then what should I wear? Dracula or Twilight? Hmm.. let’s see if it’s vampire!!! You guys are smart!!”

Super Junior’s fourth album is expected to be release this May. Super Junior released their third album “Sorry, Sorry” last year in March. The fourth album is releasing after a year and two months since the third album’s release.

Original article : here
English Translation : Diana
Take out with full credit


Diana! Can you teach us how to understand Hangul, please baby? Your mother-in-law (me) and aunts are asking you. πŸ˜€ Please?
Anyway… I am guessing the same thing, but I guess I have to wait… I can’t I’m too excited. πŸ™‚
Yamato Nadeshiko please?


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