(RP-110) Coffee Crumble

Okay… It’s too hot here. Tss. I have to take a bath for n times. Haha. My sweat is all over my body now. Tsk.

Anyway… at least I ate almost half a pint of Coffee Crumble Ice Cream which was brought home by my mom. Hmm. Yum, yum, yummy. Tsk. Al least it made me feel cold (literally).

I’m listening to Sukira right now, and I’m missing Teuk’s cute voice (and Eunhyuk too, of course) LMAO. Eh?

OMG Run Devil Run! Being played. Kyah. (As of this moment I’m typing). I love that song very much! It’s because I’ll admit, I love SNSD now, because they were no. 1 for MDT.
Yes to Sooyoung and Taeyeon! 😀

Okay, I’m feeling that I’m silly here, because I’m dancing while typing and while sitting in front of the laptop. Hehe.

Back to the topic, I dreamed about Leeteuk… and SS3 probably? But it looks more like a fanmeeting here? LOL. As much as I want to tell everyone about it, I can’t because it will not come true anymore. I want it to come true next time. Tsk. It was the 2nd time I dreamed about him and only him. Haha.


But I want to tell it. Haha. Anyway, there is a 1% chance that someone can read this, right? Okay here it is, with my best friend, Hanna (hanminteuk), we went to a mall then we talked about KPOP stars, especially SuJu, our favorite. Then, we went inside a conference room I think? Or event hall and we saw a mini stage. We saw people, but about five to eight persons in that room. On stage, Leeteuk was holding a mic. And happily, he was talking to the people. He was wearing white sando I think, and he was saying something to the people.

Then Hanna and I sat on the center, somewhere almost three meters or more away from Leeteuk. Haha. We were really confused why the venue was not full yet. So we watched Leeteuk first. Hanna told me to make a fansign, but I just can’t because I was busy looking at Leeteuk that time. Hehe.

Then she said, “Meron akong dalang colored pens and stickers! (I have colored pens and stickers here!)” But I didn’t pay attention on her. So she looked at me and wrote something. Then she raised it up. Leeteuk looked at it, LOL. I was curious about what she wrote.

“Ano yan? (What’s that?)” I asked.

“Sasabihin ko nandito ka. (I’ll tell him you’re here.)”

“Ano? Ano? Hindi nga niya ako kilala eh- (What the? What the? He didn’t even know me-)”

Then Leeteuk shouted, we both stared at him, “Who’s Czarina? (My second name)”

He was shouting the whole thing, so I felt embarrased. So I hid under a divider. But I could feel my cheeks burning. Why was he calling me in my second name?

I pulled Hanna when she pointed at me, hiding under a divider.

“Ano ba? Nakakahiya! (What the heck, I’m shy!)”

Then I peeked at Leeteuk and he was smiling at me, then he went out the stage towards the back stage.

“Ano ba ang sinulat mo? (What did you write?)” I asked Hanna, and showed me the paper.

It read, Ana is here. (Blah blah) But I didn’t see my second name.

“Paano niya nalaman ang aking second name? (How did he know about my second name?)” I asked again.

“I don’t know. First name lang ang sinulat ko eh. (I only wrote the first name).”

I felt giddy and still puzzled, but I sat on my chair again. Hanna did that too.

“Bakit hindi pa puno? Wala pang tao. Sigurado kang concert ito? (Why is that the venue is not yet full? No people yet. Are you sure this is a concert?)”

I looked outside and saw tons of people falling in line. “I guess this is a concert.”

I hope no one will read this so it can come true, even just in my dream. That’s why I love dreaming good things like this. At least, I can manage to imagine and make things go in my way. At least in my dream, I can see Leeteuk smiling at me. Haha. At least, even if I don’t wake up the next morning, my dream will go on forever and ever 😀 (OF COURSE I STILL WANT TO WAKE UP XD)

Sukira is ending. So I have to end this post now. I’ll play Club Penguin before going to sleep. I need to find the pin because I didn’t save my game. Tsk.

I’m thirsting for Starbucks, because of Donghae! It was a twitter trending topic because of him. Haha. Starbucks should give him a free drink.

*Kiss in Sukira*

Well, it ended already. 😀

Hanminteuk! I miss you!!!! Please go online, mommy! 😀

HOT. Super Hot. Going to drink some water. COLD WATER.

I love you Angel’s Hair Pasta Teukie Teukie! Goodnight my readers (but seriously, don’t read this). Goodnight my family and friends.

I love you all. God bless you, sweet dreams. *Kiss*

♥♥♥Angels are Immortal♥♥♥


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