(RP-109) Once You Kill a Cow, You Gotta Make a Burger

Tsk. Current LSS: Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Tsk. Tss. Of all the songs! Why Telephone? Haha.

Anyway.. I (‘I’ means ‘we – bestfriend, sister and I’) got other versions of my title above.

“Once you kill a dog, you gotta make a hotdog.”
“Once you look at her, you gonna die.”

Pwahaha. Funny? Or not. I know it’s not, so screw me. LOL

Anyway… I have a knock knock joke for everyone (you have to be a Filipino to understand my knock knock joke):

J: Knock knock.
A: Who’s there?
J: Lady Gaga.
A: Lady Gaga who?
J: “Kung LADY GAGA ka, sa piling ng iba, at kung ang langit mo ay ang pag-ibig niya…” (Kung Liligaya ka sa Piling ng Iba tune).

Ano? IMBA! (Sorry for the word. Haha)

For some reason, I thought ‘J’ stands for ‘Jungsoo’ (Yes, Leeteuk), and ‘A’ is for my name, ‘Ana’. LOL. Okay. Kill me now. 😐 Hehe. I imagined Leeteuk singing that song in front of me, just as he hummed something in a press conference here in the Philippines before SS2. Apparently, I didn’t recognize the song either. Hehe. But at least, he looked cute. WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT LEETEUK AGAIN? Hahaha. Silly me.

Anyway… (Did I just use this word again?) DinoTeuk is in front of me right now. Any words to say?

DinoTeuk: Goodnight.

Kidding, I was the one who talked. Hehe.
I said I’m going to sleep at 11pm, but what am I doing right now? Hehe. I’m blogging, yes, I know.

My stomach hurts. Tsk.

Ooh. I miss some people. I had a dream, and I saw Kyuhyun, SPICE (The real one) and my other crush all in one dream. Isn’t it great? Okay, I know! It was! Kyu was singing “Snail” while performing in a play, then he rode a boat with the girl. Then they sled across the river. Yeah, weird. It’s too hot, eh. Then there, I went into a chapel (?) wearing a green shirt, while others are wearing mostly yellow and white. What the heck? Too obsessed with those two colors? It was a grade consultation for one of our subjects, apparently Humanity subject. Haha. Then I was shocked when I saw my other crush (okay, let’s call him TOMI) in the chapel, wearing a dark green polo shirt. His hair was too long, down to his neck. LOL. Then I saw SPICE, wearing yellow. Kyah.

Then I woke up because of sudden hotness. TSK.

There was a brownout earlier, about five minutes? Then it was hotter than before. So I called my mother and told her to buy something cold. Of course, what will you think she’d buy. Ice cream! Yey! My favorite flavors! Cookies and Cream and Coffee Crumble (Mocha). Yum, I ate all of the Coffee Crumble ice cream. Haha. *coughKYUHYUNcough*.

Kyah. Casey James of American Idol was wearing white. Wait. Tell me why have I been obsessed with white like Teukie? Hehe. Anyway, he was at the bottom three. Tss. I was praying consistently for him to stay. And my prayer worked! Yey! He stayed! So I have to watch A.I. more. Hehe. And I saw once of my idol, Captain Sullenberger! XD He’s my idol. Hehe. To save people’s life… he’s so good!

What else… hmm. Yes.

Sungmin’s hair! I can’t get over with it. Tsk. I’m loving it, and so as Teuk’s, Hyuk’s, Shindong’s and Chul’s hair. The colors *drools*. But I love Sungmin’s the most. Really… his hair suits him the best. 🙂 I can’t wait for the 4 Jib tuloy. Haha.

I was not visiting Facebook and updating my status lately. Ask me why. Okay… because I’m busy tweeting! Haha. Twitter. Twitter. I’m sorry, my hands. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE AN ACCOUNT? T_T Can you make one now, please? We are waiting for you. Please! Please! *CoughLeeteukHankyungYesungKanginEunhyukRyeowookKibumKyuhyunZhoumiHenryCough*

Buti hindi ako gaanong nabulunan.
It will be really chaos. Really. Twitter. Twitter. Facebook. Too many social sites! 😀

OPM! I thirst for OPM.
Classical Music! I thirst for classical music!

Dang it’s already 12:20am here. Tss. Gonna sleep na talaga.

Anyway (Oh, Damn it, can you slap it when I say it again?) I love Fairly OddParents! I love Chip Skylark!


And I love you Angel’s Hair Pasta! Fighting!

Goodnight, and sweetdreams. God Bless You.

♥♥ Angels are immortal. You said it yourself. ♥♥


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