Sukira Transcript – April 12-13

100412 A bowl of disgusting miso soup
Leeteuk: Afew days ago we went to Phillipines, and in the korean hotel, we ordered miso soup and kimchi. Then, I told Eunhyuk, “Eunhyuk, when you are eating this, you need to stir it.” So I stirred it, my members also stirred it, Eunhyuk stirred, Shindong stirred it……
Eunhyuk: I started to stir it, then everyone followed.
Leeteuk: It got stirred around 8 times
Eunhyuk: It was nice at all.

100413 Spoilt Child Donghae
Leeteuk: Recently Donghae keeps acting spoilt infront of me, running towards me saying, “Aish~~~ Hyung~~~~” I would reply him, “What’s wrong?” He would then say, “You are a nice person, because you take good care of your dongsaengs,”
Eunhyuk: Hmm, yea.
Leeteuk: “Hyung don’t you think so too, aish~~~ hyung~~~~” (T/N: Acting how Donghae speaks)
Eunhyuk: Why is he so silly.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
T/N: Fyi, I have permission to translate her translations.


One comment: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can’t stop laughing while reading this! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This made my day. Was that even a comment? *slaps myself* I even do it on my miso soup. I stir it about thirty times, and taste it once, and I never eat it again. Haha. This is disgusting but I often put something in it so that the restaurant won’t put it back again. Eew. I know. Eew. LOL at Donghae!


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