Heechul Cyworld Photo Entries – April 22

2010.04.22 03:54 [in the 澈 folder]

Took a polaroid with Trax and then used my phone to take a picture of it again

Wants to call myself an early-adopter but before being that definitely can’t care about it
And thus of no concern towards trend, fashion and style…

Does not know about trend but I’ll just know about behaviour only
Compared to if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it, I prefer if I can’t enjoy it, avoid it and
Find other enjoyable things to do, that will do
Regardless of it being childish, unsophisticated or whatever, Hee-ti* will do

Just because
Just live naturally by the virtue of not breaking moral conducts and protecting those that need to be protected
Shouldn’t it just be like this right ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Today’s Proverb

There are no graves without excuses


*Hee-ti : He was playing with the word 촌티 which was unsophisticated/countrified so he meant something like Hee-feel / style / fied, or in simpler terms, just Heenim-ish.

Not something very easy to understand but from what I see, I think he’s just talking about doing things his own way (related to his twitter issue, lmao) and at the end the proverb kind of meant that these are just excuses~


2010.04.22 04:42 [in the 尊 folder]

Watching Donghae sitting on the floor continuously tweeting
Delightfully giving explanations of this and that
Sudden urge to use Twitter (-┏)

This guy’s inconsistency..

Ah, then I’ll have to make a new ID (-┏)

Source: Heenim’s Cyworld.
Translated by: Cinderella @ Sj-World.net
Take out with full credits, do not add in your own credits


LMAO! Who are the people outside our house? Campaign… again? LOL. Who are they? Hehe.

Anyway… Then… it’s the birth of Heedictator! *evil laugh*

Somebody needs to have a twitter account now. *cough* *cough*


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