Sungmin’s Twitter Tweets – April 21

@ShinsFriends Dong-ah*, Heeyoung-ie has started twitter @MaryJJang
@maryJJang Gavy NJ Jang Heeyoung** !!! this friend !!!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ !!!! Shindong has followed hehehe !! Everybody Gavy NJ Jang Heeyoung has started using Twitter ㅎㅎ
@ShinsFriends she didnt know how to join so she couldnt do it ㅋㅋ yah us three*** let’s meet sometime ㅋ I want to have a lightning meeting**** like Donghae***** did too ~ㅋㅋ

*Dong-ah is Shindong
**Heeyoung is the Heeyoung from Gavy NJ
**”us three” is sungmin, shindong and heeyoung
****”lightning meeting” is when some people get to meet each other in person after talking on internet in such a short time, it seems that *****donghae hangs out with many people recently after get knowing them via twitter

ah.. I want to easily raise cats.. worry worry worry daily… Cant I be a good father ?
@myblacksmile are they in heat ? if so try bringing them to be neutered it can help you a little
@bborro0306 they were neutered when they were babies…since I live in the dorm so they cause some inconvenience to the neighbourhood…sometines I have to listen the complaint…from the auntie too…and I dont have a large place either….hoo….recently there are too many trouble that my head aches so much…
@myblacksmile There is a way but it will hurt you ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ send them away so they will be adopted *sob*
@bborro0306 hoo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wine time with Kyu! today we’re in the middle of challenging with India Wine…first meeting with Zinfandel’s aroma! the appetizers go along with the wine is protein and carbohydrate foods…beef and apples and green grapes..

Kyu-sama after seeing my 12-centimeter decanter..he couldnt shut his mouth ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i will make it to suit our taste this time…indeed it will taste different with the decanting~ it’s delicious! kya
@myblacksmile it’s delicious!!!
@maryJJang heut! of course it’s delicious.. next time let’s meet up with Donghee and Kyu so we can have a glass of wine^^

*Read more about decanting wine here

source : sungmin & shindong’s twitter
credit: ♬thea&evanesco @
may take out with full credits


LOL. I just remembered “diligence of a good father of a family” >_<

Haha! What’s with this wine session again? Hehe

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