(RP-106) Fail Ana. That’s Me!

I wish I would really be an abnormal person. At least even if anyone or everybody mocks me for being one, I still won’t feel anything. I still won’t know that I was being mocked. I still won’t feel anything that can make me sad.


I already expected it. I know that I would be enrolling for summer classes to repeat a subject. I hate it. I hate that Accountancy majors  shall repeat because they just didn’t make it to the cut-off grade. Tsk. Nevertheless, looking into the bright side, I still be able to change my grade into higher ones and get a high GPA. I will promise myself that I will get the highest possible grade to get. Mwahahahahaha! Pray for me~

I will be positive and I’ll make sure… I’ll never do the same mistake I did. I will move forward. I will be better this time. So when everything is okay, I will be able to feel happiness and I will be able to prove myself that I’m the right one for you, Angel’s Hair Pasta.

I know now what you’re feeling so… I will not force you to remain just what you are. We have to move forward and be better, right? I know now.

Angel’s Hair Pasta, thank you very much for the inspiration. I love you!

Angels are Immortal. And they will be till the end of time.

AJA. AJA. Hwaiting.

EDIT: LOL! I just realized that I will only take a subject for summer because the other one was not available on summer. Hehe. And still. GO!

TSS. I am just sneaking here because I am grounded to use the computer for this night. So… yeah. I can’t post news. 😀 For tonight. Only for tonight!


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