(RP-105) Nightmare

Hay naku. Hay naku talaga.

Ito ang napapala ko kapag super madaling-araw na akong natutulog. Haha. Or, was it because of what I drank yesterday? Nah, don’t get me wrong. I only drank chocolate milk which we brought yesterday. I drank almost four glasses of it because it’s too hot. Tsk. I wish it would rain.

Haist. Ang init.

My dream was about our lesson in accounting… my most hated lesson: Depreciation. Haha. And my prof was teaching me about it. Like a nightmare right? After that, I saw my favorite comedian, Michael V. Well, he’s two. Yeah. Dalawa silang Michael V. Creepy, right? Then I saw many celebrities. And the president of the Philippines. Oh, what a random dream.

Then… after that, I woke up, it’s about ten in the morning, then I went back to sleep and had another dream. I was invovled in some illegal transactions, and I was making three knives sharp. WTH?

Okay. Then that’s it. It’s too hot. I woke up. 🙂


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