Yesung Versus Bi on Digital Music Chart

This is the digital music chart and two main competitors are Yesung with ‘It Has To Be You’ and Bi with ‘Love Song’. Currently Yesung is beating Rain by 4%, however, the figure changes very fast but overall, Yesung is of a more promising position.
There are still 11 more days until the D-day. Let’s wait patiently to see who wins this chart.

Content from Cyworld music chart
Shared by LaCrymaMosa


Super Junior member Yesung and Bi now are engaged in a competition.

Yesung’s original soundtrack: ‘It Has To Be You’ for KBS2 TV drama ‘Cinderella Sister’, which is currently no.1 on Cyworld Digital Music Award of the month, is competing against Bi’s ‘Love song’.

Yesung’s ‘It Has To Be You’ is also on another music site: ‘Dosirak’ along with Lee Hyori’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and Bi’s ‘Love Song’, occupying top 5 of the most popular songs.

On ‘Bugs’, ‘Melon’ and other music charts, the song also makes its way to high ranking in top 10 and wins no.1 in the OST category.

Beautiful lyrics and heart-breaking melody, excellent blend of Yesung’s rich voice and the song’s beat – ‘It Has To Be You’ quickly appeals to audience’s ears. And once listened, the highly addictive mellow melodies will never be forgotten.

‘Cinderella Sister’ OST also claims no.1 in other sectors. Best Idol groups Super Junior and F(x), mature voice Joo, these talented singers have participated in ‘Cinderella Sister’ OST and are displaying their sweeping potential on various online music charts.

Source: here
Translated by LaCrymaMosa
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I’ll admit, Bi’s song is quite addicting too, but still, I am much more into Yesung’s song. 🙂


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