Siwon – Trending Topic

Shindong tweeted that Siwon is here. He even said he didn’t know that Siwon made an account. It’s funny, really. And then he Tweeted Siwon’s Twitter username and said that he is the fourth member to join (or perhaps the fourth member he knew that joined). LOL

The main reason is, the doubtful Choi_SW at Twitter is confirmed as HIM, Choi Siwon.
Alright, the power of ELFs is doing it again.

Siwon’s trending at Twitter at 3:52 PM KST!

#weloveSiwon going up at 3:59 PM KST

Going up to #5 at 3:02 PM KST

High at #5 3:08 PM KST

Siwon at #9 and #weloveSiwon at #3

Credit: Diana Timbol


Seriously, Diana G4’s baby. LOL! XD. Love you G4’s baby~! 😀 Please send my regards to G4 Family and Friends. LOL
Yey, although I’ve known about that account, but as what G4’s Baby Diana said, I thought it was not his. Hehe. So, I didn’t follow him. Hehe. But yey! Another twitter account followed.


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