(RP-104) Liver Alone. Cheese Mine!

Haha. Again, random topic. I just read this somewhere, I can’t remember where. Haha. That means: “LEAVE HER alone. SHE’S mine.” Get it? Get it? XD Okay, I know I fail. Nevertheless. It’s funny, right?

Lalalalala… I’m just too happy now. I had a conversation with a special someone dear to my heart (WTH. If it’s special someone, of course he’s closee to my heart). LMAO.

Anyway… I am still busy daydreaming… Although it’s already night. Hehe. But tomorrow… tomorrow, I’m sure… is a doom’s day for me, and for everyone else studying in our school. Grades! Haha. Tsk. Although I’m confident that I have high grades in minor subjects, still, a bit worried about my major subjects. I don’t want to be taking up two subjects or more in summer. Tss. Please, no.

And to those who are taking their qualifying exams tomorrow, good luck! I know you can do it. Okay? Keep believing. I wish I would be taking exams tomorrow too. Tss. Disappointing, but I have to admit the truth to myself. XD

To Angel’s Hair Pasta and to everyone else, good mornight! Because it’s already almost 1 in the morning here. Haha. My insomnia. Tsk. Awful.

I love you Angel’s Hair Pasta!

Goodnight! Sweetdreams~!


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