Sungmin Has Twitter Plus 5 Trending Topics

Yey! Thre three of them have twitter accounts now: Donghae, Shindong… and now… Sungmin!

Shindong tweeted and apparently confirmed that Sungmin has a twitter. I’ve seen it myself. Haha.

Yey! Follow them:

Shindong – ShinsFriends
Donghae – donghae861015
Sungmin – myblacksmile


Sungmin was trending and he was on third, then #weloveSungmin on 10th. Then after sometime, Sungmin dropped from the list, #weloveSungmin on the 6th and Super Junior on the 10th. Yehey!

Currently, Sungmin is back on the 2nd, #weloveSungmin on the 5th and Super Junior disappeared.

As of 5:58 KST, Sungmin is still on no. 2, #weloveSungmin on no. 3 (Yeah, it surpasses Justin Bieber) and Super Junior on no. 9.

As of 6:02 KST, Gentleman Mimi just entered the list on no. 10.

As of 6:07 KST, Gentleman Mimi on 5th, Sungmin on the third, #weloveSungmin on 2nd, and Super Junior on 9th.

As of 6:11 KST – Gentleman Mimi on 4th, Super Junior on the 7th. The two remain the same.

As of 6:17 KST – Super Junior on the fifth. Four consecutive topics now in 2nd-5th.

As of 6:21 KST – Gentleman Mimi on 3rd, Sungmin on 4th. The two remain on their spot.

As of 6:31 KST – Gentleman Mimi is at no. 2, then all others followed it.

As of 6:33 KS- Zhoumi enters the chart. Haha. On no. 10.

As of 6:36 KST – Gentleman Mimi on no. 1! Yehey!

As of 6:38 KST – Zhoumi at no. 8th.

As of 6:42 KST – Zhoumi dropped out of the chart.

As of 6:58 KST – Zhoumi back to no. 8.

As of 7:14 KST – Zhoumi went up to no. 7. Gentleman Mimi dropped to no. 2.

As of 7:18 KST – Gentleman Mimi, #weloveSungmin, Super Junior, Sungmin and Zhoumi consecutively dominated 2nd-6th spots.

As a result… twitter crashed that we can’t enter the site anymore. And conclusion: ELF’s ROCK. Haha.


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