(RP-102) Eat Less Cows, Eat More Cars!


Haha. So random title. I remembered our debate last, last week. And it almost tackled endlessly. Yey. Because of it, we were so excited about our grades.

Speaking of our grades, I remembered I got a very low grade in Calculus, which apparently my fault because I did not do better. And also in History, wherein I got a very high grade on the second half, and low on the first half,, and my prof considered the first half grade. Aww. Sudden fail. Tsk.

My fandom is rising, but my grades are not. But I think it’s my fault. So I won’t blame others na lang talaga. Hehe.

Anyway… I just want to say goodnight to all of you. Hehe. Wala talaga akong magawa. I will go to the school tomorrow to pass my project. Haha. Then after that, wala na. I hope. I don’t want to fail again next time. Please. No. I already accepted that I will be going to enrol for summer class, so better not to spazz anymore. Please! Please! Pero parang hindi ko kaya! 😀 Although I will really try to.

Okay… just another thought… my friends tell me that Yesung and Shindong have a crush on VJ Iya of MYX, and VJ Iya said Leeteuk is cute and he was very nice to talk to. Haist. I am jealous of VJ Iya because she had the chance to talk to them personally. Hehe. But also, I am happy for VJ Iya because she is my fave VJ!

Aw. Leeteuk, you are so popular. PARK JUNGSOO! YOU ARE SO CUTE. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT? Hahaha… bitterness much? Haha.

At first yes, but apparently it just faded away. Haha.

Why? Because I want Leeteuk to find the girl for him then get married. Please?! Find my mommy. Hehe.

Haist, Angel’s Hair Pasta ( from now on, I’ll call him like that)… I love you! Please be happy always! Your fans don’t want to see you sad again… so find the right one for you.

WTH. I’m thinking irrationally. “Waja” <- Prince Mackaroo.

P.S. Do you know Manong Onyok? 😀

Goodnight everyone! Until tomorrow!


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