(RP-101) Since When?

Oooooh. This was just an effect from the Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino I drank yesterday night. Haha. Anyway…

I had so many topics in mind right now that I wanted to share… but because they are so many… I just prefer the most interesting one.

When did you say the words ‘I love you’ to the person you love? How did you say it? Through love letters? Through calls? Through text messages? Or face to face?

For Jews, if they say they love a person for three times, that love is superior. For you, how many does it take to make your love superior for your special someone?

I got something to share to you. It was a priest’s homily about LOVE yesterday. ^^

The priest said, to be able to call it love, there are three prerequisites (LOL, obligation and contracts~!):

1. A person who loves must give himself. More on, selfless actions. A person should do good first to the person he loves, before himself.

2. A person who loves must be heroic.  He doesn’t care if he suffer… at least the person he loves is doing good. To love is to will the good of another, before the good of thyself.

3. It should be endless. Endless? Does it really exist? Yes, if we believe in it. So a person who loves must love endlessly, and renew the love they share with his loveone.

Personally… I think love is… unexplainable. Or am I just too young to understand it?

Nevertheless, I still know love is something to be taken seriously, even if in young age, right? If someone would say ‘I love you’ to you, what will you feel? Will you feel happy? Giddy? Sad? Surprised? Angry?

Aish. I want to end this post and update my blog now. 🙂


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