(MOD POST) Happy Birthday Zhoumi!

Happy Birthday Zhoumi!

24, it is!

When I first saw you, I thought… who is this guy? I don’t know him. LOL.Others thought you were Leeteuk at first glance. Haha. Then on some angle, you looked like Siwon and Kyuhyun. You are a combination.

A member of Super Junior M, a great singer… and a strong-willed person. Even though many people didn’t like you, you proved to me that you are a likable person. When I saw you on SS2 in Manila, I was starstrucked… because you gave us a solo song that I never failed to like. And how can I forget you, looking at my fansign for a very long time, and smiling on it.

After the concert, you have become one of my bias.


Many birthdays to come! I thank God for giving us such a talented man who didn’t give up even in having criticisms from some people. Continue to nourish your talent and always be happy! Take care always!

Once again, HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY, ZHOUMI!

Until we meet again~!


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