Siwon and his On-Screen Daughter

First, Siwon and Hanbyul’s wedding photos, now, Siwon and his daughter pictures!

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon poses with his on-screen daughter

Super Junior’s Siwon has uploaded some endearing photos of him with his on-screen daughter.

Siwon is currently starring in the SBS drama Oh! My Lady. He plays Sung Min Woo, a celebrity who is full of himself.

He wrote,

“My daughter Ye-eun always comes running up to me and hugs me while calling me daddy. I’m stupid for my daughter already. Oh my lady is Ye-eun. I’m sorry Chae Rim nuna. kk”

Is it just me or would he be an amazing dad?

Netizens agreed. They said,

“I’m so jealous of Ye-eun.”
“I wish I had a dad like that.”
“Cute father and daughter.”

He keeps opening his heart up to his daughter more and more with each episode.

Source : Allkpop


The girl looks cute. Father and daughter… NICE! I love it.


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