(RP-100) Summer. Is. Coming.

What do I mean by summer? For college students, we have different meaning of the word ‘summer’. You’ll find out later at the end of this post.

Yehey! Another term is over. I can relax now… or not?

Next school year, I will be a sophomore~! Second year college. But I think it’s more… SCARY… It’s hell.

Woot woot. I didn’t want to but because it’s needed, I have to enrol for summer classes this May. At least I have two weeks vacation before it. Haha. And besides, I have a project to make and a project to pass on Tuesday. But I really need to do it now. So you’re asking what am I doing here? To write a blog post, of course. I missed my minihompy! It’s been a long time since I updated it with news and stuff (aside from my fan account about Super Show 2 in Manila) so I’m taking my chances to update.

My fandom… It’s making me thirst about everything they are. SJ is LOVE.

When I saw Boys in the City 3 on YouTube (someone uploaded it already) I felt sad and at the same time happy. Labo, but it’s the truth. Sad because of two things. One: Last season to see them complete. Argh. Two: I can’t buy one even if I want to. Happy because after long time of wating, it is released. Dang. How I wish I would be able to buy it. But I’m not used to pre-ordering through the Internet, and besides I don’t have credit card. I also want IPad. I think it will be my gift for myself after SS3 and 4Jib (which makes me excited, too).

Woo! I have been writing a really long post which was two and one-half pages in MSWord. Silly me. 🙂 So now, I have to comment about the boys’ new looks for 4jib. OKAY~! They were teasing us. Heechul’s hair was :O I love it on him, the color, everything. Shindong lost weight (well, he wasn’t that chubby when I saw him. He was really cute~ *biasness alert*), Sungmin got a haircut. Seriously, was that even a haircut? Hehe. Joking. BUT SERIOUSLY, MING, CUT IT AGAIN~! Haha. I miss the short-haired Minnie. Then who’s next? Heehee. Can’t really wait for the 4jib~!

OH, I FORGOT (JOKING, I really just wanted to make him the last, because he’s the most special one). Leeteuk~! He dyed his hair and I loooooove it! Promise. It looks good on him (though I preferred his hair on SS2 in Manila). It didn’t look blonde. IT WAS YELLOW! OMG, my favourite color~ ❤ OKAY, gold, or what not~! Still, I think it’s yellow. Yey Teukie, you heard my wish… You read my mind :> 🙂

This is my 100th random post, as you all know. Haha. So I’m making this special! I want to rant! Hehe. But I’m too good to do it (eew). But because it’s for Leeteuk, I needed to change for myself, not only for him. LOL.

Ah, Miss Happee Sy, the organizer of SS2 in Manila said Leeteuk is her biased, so she will be organizing SS3 again after his birthday! Woot Woot. I’m excited, I hope it’s true. It’s good that Ms. Happee’s bias is you… And I heard you like her too? Mutual understanding? I’m jealous… but it’s okay for me… because I love you. Do you love me too? Hehe. Of course you do. You love all your fans, right?

I also learned from Amber of f(x) that you wanted to do a parody of Run Devil Run on SS3. It will be awesome (Didn’t you notice, it was my favorite word tonight). Kyah. I became more excited.

Seriously… WHEN ARE YOU PLANNING TO HAVE A WIFE, LEETEUK? Hmm, really, we can’t know about when are we going to find the one we love. We can’t predict who’s our soulmate or the one right for us. So let’s just wait.


Okay, single forever. Haha. Is it worth the wait?

Can I organize your wedding? LOL. I have to, although I am hurt… Still, if it’s your happiness, then… let it be. Wait, what am I talking about again? Haha. Who am I to interfere with your decisions? *DRAMA* I learned that SPICE’s girlfriend likes you as well… You are too popular, dear angel… T_T Who’s your love ba talaga, ha?

What the heck. I’m thinking of the future already. Haha.

I am going to miss you (and your hair) when you serve the military. After that, promise you’ll have a wife now, hmm, Daddy?

Okay guys, for info, I call him Daddy because he is like an appa to me. But still… >:)

Sorry, a bit sabog (crazy) pa because of headache and trauma from the tests I took last Wednesday. THREE TESTS! All grave ones. And today, my last test. I had a fever pa last Wednesday din. Hehe. “Ano ba iyan?! (Shin, 2010).

I was so happy last Wednesday and yesterday, but I had a fever. Aargh.


Let’s end this post. Kyah. I love you dear angel. It’s my first time to write about my love for him in my blog. Hehe. Because I’m pretty sure… I LOVE HIM now, more than anything. Seems to be exaggeration, but it’s true. Please accept my love for you.

Naks. I’m so crazy talaga. Ako na ang nanliligaw. I am the one courting every ELF’s special angel. SABOG. “Pasensya na po” (Shin, 2010).

Please give me a chance to express my feelings, all Teuk-biased out there. I am just to happy for him. Smile 😀 SABOG talaga.

Please be careful with his heart, ELF.

And let’s go back with the word SUMMER. For college students, SUMMER is not for fun. It’s for COPING UP WITH BACK SUBJECTS. Haha. Like me T_T I hate it.

♥♥♥ Angels are immortal. ♥♥♥


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