(MOD POST) About Something You Know

Sorry for the title. 🙂

After positive articles about SS2 in Manila, I came across an article about SJ and it’s full of… uhm… let’s say ‘criticisms’ about SS2 in Manila. Haha. Okay, it’s true. All he said was really true, in fact, but he should have done it within his limit of being a writer. I don’t want to tell about his name but… you know him, I think. I know. It has been a hot issue all over the internet.

Some say it’s because of his bitterness. But duh, he didn’t have a reason to be, so eliminate that. Jealousy? I don’t think so.

I’ll admit, I was also wrong in judging him as soon as I have finished reading his article. I kept on cursing him for such words. But I’m afraid, some of it are true, and some of it are just exaggerations. And it was his fault, anyway. He came across his limit. He didn’t even do research, I bet, before writing that article. But I’m not gonna say he’s stupid or anything, nor rant him in this blog post because I kinda like his courage to write about what he felt, although he wasn’t on the editorial or opinion page to write about his point of view. Of course he has a right to write about what he feels, but news is news. It shouldn’t be affected by biased writings. Besides, we, the fans, didn’t know if he really watched the whole concert or just the ending parts, because he was just talking about the ending parts wherein it was SJ’s time to say goodbye to their fans and to have fun with us, nor even did he ask the taxi drivers who happened to pass by Araneta Coliseum last April 10 (or even one campaign vehicle who passed by too, that the fans thought were SJ members). Haha.

It’s worth the money, based on my mother’s opinion who wasn’t even a fan. She said she enjoyed the concert and that they performed well because they had fun on stage, not what others did. And she told me that my money wasn’t wasted at all. So what’s up with that?

His choice of words is not that good too, although I’m really satisfied about the description of the concert. Funny but of course, I’m a Filipino, and I know how a Filipino thinks. I’m not going to judge him either, because I don’t know him personally (maybe someday if we become close). So does he. He shouldn’t be judging the boys without knowing them. He didn’t even know their names.

Issues discussed (My post is getting too long~):

  1. Fans didn’t understand the language, so it’s not good at all. Okay, someone I know (and like, LOL), who happened to watch the concert because his parents were sponsors (he was so lucky to be seated on the front row! But I’m luckier to see them face to face because I’m a fan), said it wasn’t really good and that the concert was ordinary. It wasn’t (I want to punch him right now, but because I like him, I just stop myself. But SERIOUSLY XD) that huge. Oh men, it was for a fan like me! It was the greatest concert of our lives because it might be a once in a lifetime experience, right? Of course we would like them to perform here because it was like, five years of waiting, and thanks to sudden boom of KPOP here, it was not only a dream now. Also, he said that we didn’t even understand it, so why like it? May I repeat my opinion about music and languages. Music is really a LANGUAGE ITSELF! It doesn’t really need a lyrics to be called music! Although lyrics make the songs feel complete, what is the use of translators and subtitles? And don’t we like it, we got to learn about other cultures and languages just by music. So music is great. And maybe because we were used to English as our universal language, we tend to compare all other languages to English? If it’s Chinese, I bet my life that we are going to compare other languages to Chinese.
  2. Lipsynching is also an issue. Okay, everyone does it. If you would to sing and dance all at the same time for three hours straight, aren’t you going to be tired? Lipsynching is not a bad thing because everyone, including me, does it. At least they sing and danced live! That’s what really important. It wasn’t the concert we used to attend… singing on stage only. It was overall performance. Other artists does that as well on concerts. And they’re sick. Most of them were seen coughing; Eunhyuk even wrote that he had illness before the concert. But what did they promise? They would be having fun and they would do the best they can do. They didn’t postpone it. They continued because of the fans (or also probably about a contract of non-performance of obligation. WTH. I am remembering OBLICON again).
  3. The price is not worth it? WTH Duh. We chose to pay the price even though it’s too expensive because as I said, they are important for us! It was an epic win for Araneta to build such large stage, because of our money. And it was really worth it because we enjoyed it, maybe for others who just wanted to waste money *cough_________cough* to watch the concert, they didn’t enjoy. For the security, rent of the venue, organizers, stage builders, props’ men, media, place to stay, travel, the company – it was worth it because they enjoyed it too. They only had just earned a little, compared to other mentioned. The effects and the performances were superb!
  4. Comparison. Broadway stars? I don’t think so. But OVERALL PERFORMER? *NODS*. Puff the Magic Dragon has been given different rendition. Kyu’s voice is fantastic. What’s wrong again about wearing animal costumes? It wasn’t really the song they were interpreting. It was just their little role play! Don’t be offended because Peter, Paul and Mary’s version was ‘destroyed’. It was not. I’m sure their happy to hear Kyu singing their song. They didn’t mean to offend anyone, okay?
  5. Lastly, having fun on stage. CONCERT IS A CONCERT. They came here to have fun and to get know their fans here in the Philippines. And having fun on stage is their bonding time with us. It was their routine in all Super Shows. Besides, we were happy to be splashed with special water from those special waterguns used by special people.


Remember: A person who is not a fan will never know a thing about being one. He doesn’t feel what others feel not because he’s not open-minded (well, sometimes), but because he was just expecting more, and he was just comparing them to others who were his role model or to what he used to. Even if we were offended, I learned that we had to forgive (of course it’s harder to forget, so we have to forgive first). Everyone has his own opinion, although some opinions are biased, so we cannot really avoid it.

P.S. Guys, the article didn’t really imply insult to SJ. It even increased their popularity. And this time, I think we should be realistic. It was said all over the news that it has great, so I think it’s time to make a change. Still, I joined a group in facebook to demand apology from the writer of the article not because of offending the fans, but because of some improper terms that he said. Let’s just think of the positive things, like the 4jib and the SS3! Hooray~!

And lastly… I am not angry at him. I am just looking into what he feels right now and how he realizes everything.

This post is two and one-sixteenth pages long in MS WORD. Hehe. I’ m sorry if it took long. I just wanted to clear things up for the fans and for everyone out there. I hope this article is neutral. 🙂


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