(RP-96) What the Heck?

Haha. I couldn’t remember Leeteuk’s face.

*Slaps myself*

Okay, after watching a video of him running around the whole stage and splashing water by a watergun, I immediately remembered him. Hahaha. Silly me, I know. He’s the most hyper out of all of them. WTH? Anong nakain niya? 🙂

It took me minutes to think about his face, but I can’t remember it talaga. Alzheimer’s Disease? Hindi rin, siguro dahil nakalimutan ko lang talaga siya. Yes! Even for minutes, I forgot about the concert. I really can’t recover because I’m dying of Rattateukie’s expressions in SS2 Manila.

Yes, I hope I can see the real Teukie again next time.


New biases alert: Wookie, Shindong, Henry, Zhoumi and Hae! OMG.

I realized that I like Donghae’s speaking voice… Shindong’s cuteness, Wookie’s adorable-ness and sweetness, Henry’s dance and sexy body (PERV ALERT) and Zhoumi’s voice. I love them all! 😀


YEHEY! GOT TO STUDY NA TALAGA. I’ll stop spazzing na. And please come back here… Thank you.

I’m hungry. FOOD! 🙂


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