Having Fun at Super Show 2 in Manila

Hanggang ngayon hindi ako maka-get-over. I can’t believe it’s done and I can’t believe that they are going back in less than three hours. Haist. Super Show 2 is my first concert. I hope it won’t be my last.

I didn’t wear rubber shoes. LOL. I was wearing a white headband and a flat shoes though, what the heck. The stage was too HIGH!

AND I THINK I CAN NO LONGER FULFILL MY PROMISE. I’ll be watching SUPER SHOW 3 too! Next time, I’ll be on SVIP Center, seated. If it’s two days, then the first day is SVIP Left again, and SVIP Center, respectively. SO PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR PROMISE, okay?

Okay SS3 is coming and, after watching these ten plus two beautiful boys, I don’t think I’ll never watch them again. I wanted to see them all, as in all again. The night was so spectacular, awesome, super exciting, grand, what else? Uhm, I can’t explain. For some reasons, I felt something lacking. I think it’s the time, if only they can perform for ten hours straight. Okay punch me for being so  selfish. I know that they are people too. Haha. And what else, uhm. I wish it would be two days at SS3. I promised myself that I’ll not watch the next Super Show to focus on my career, but what can I do? SS2 was worth watching. I can proudly say it was the best so far. And aside from it, Leeteuk promised that they will come back again. How can I let the chance of seeing him and all of them again?

Back when we were falling in line, I was really nervous, I don’t know why. I think it’s because I wanted to see them so badly. I wanted to see how they really look like. When I got in, gosh, I felt happy and said, “What the. The stage is so big!”

Okay, I was on SVIP Left. LOL. I can’t go to the sides near the stage because I’m not courageous enough para makipagsiksikan sa mga tao. And my fansigns were made out of my handouts in accounting. Haha. Silly me, because I can’t do a good fansign anymore. I came rushing to the venue after my class, which is my major subject and where I’m really going to fail. So I got to repeat it this summer. One more try and if I fail, I’ll shift to another. But I want to be a CPA!

Although it was only paper where I wrote, “Leeteuk saranghae!” in Hangul, “Kyuhyun saranghae!” with a peace sign also in Hangul, and “Saengil Chukhahamnida, Lee Hyukjae, Eunhyuk!” in Hangul (Okay, silly me, the pentel pen that I used didn’t have enough ink anymore, so it looked like… super labo), I felt that it was the most beautiful fansign because I wrote it with all my heart ♥ and I wrote it on a ‘special’ place. Also, Kyu looked a lot on it, maybe he was saying, “What the heck? Paper for a fansign?” LOL. Evil Kyu >_< But I felt so touched. They were made different for my three biases.

When Teuk looked at my fansign, gosh, I didn’t know what I entered my mind when I pulled it down immediately. I was really shy! I was afraid that he would laugh at it, because the fansign beside me was totally cool and beautiful. And I was really envious to see Leeteuk smile on it. Haist. I’m sorry Leeteuk 😦

Zhoumi looked at my fansign too. Gosh. I’m so happy. It was made for a project, and he looked at it for super many minutes. Haha.

The boys were really having fun on stage. Even the sponsors had fun too. It’s really tiring standing for let’s say, six hours? And jumping, singing along, dancing along, etc. But it’s worth the time, the effort, the money. Everything!

For couples, Gosh! I love how Eunhyuk hugged Donghae! EunHae! 🙂 ♥ And I saw many couple things, and SiChul, my second bias! And KyuMin! My first! They tap each other’s hands.

Uhm, for their greeting, Donghae ran all over the stage. Shindong was very funny while counting in Tagalog and saying, “Ano ba iyan?” Tagalog sentence that can be translated as “What’s that?” in English. Leeteuk saying, “Mabuhay Philippines” was terrific! Kyu, I didn’t remember what he said, but his voice was so cute! Eunhyuk kept on rapping the word ‘Philippines’. Heechul said, “Dali, dali!” which means faster in English. They all said “I love you Philippines” and some random words. Someone said good morning, I don’t know who was he. Haha.

For the performances, they really did well. They had fun, sang with all they heart, danced with all their might, and what important was, they made us feel that we were deserving to be their fans. They cared for us and made us important. The messages they said on the clips, were heartwarming. I didn’t cry, but I really want to, but because I was too happy, it overcame my sadness. Sungmin sang really well, and he was so cute! Zhoumi’s solo was really awesome! Henry’s dance made me fall in love with him more. Kyu, Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Donghae, and Heechul solos were lovely. Eunhyuk’s rap was really… omg, heartquaking. I guess Siwon was sick? He looked so pale.

Kilig moments:

1. Eunhyuk stared at me for many minutes and waved! Gosh, Donghae too. They were so… HANDSOME! Leeteuk and I had a one-second staring moments. LOL. Kyu looked at my fansign. And Zhou too!

2. Ryeowook smiled very lovely at the same time, he waved too.

3. Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk watergunned (wth) us! LOL. We were really wet. Haha.

4. Donghae wore my friend’s cap. I was really happy.

5. Leeteuk was always at the SVIP left, so I always saw him.

6. I am happy to see that they were accepting other’s gifts, such as towels, etc. Others were thrown away back to the fans. So sad I didn’t get any. (GOSH! HOW I WANTED LEETEUK’S WET SHIRT TO BE MINE! HAHA, PERV)

7. Henry danced so well. Heartquaking. Again.

8. Kyu’s voice! Argh! It’s really good.

9. Leeteuk wore a white and yellow checkered polo shirt with a suspender. I love it because YELLOW is my fave color, and WHITE is his. GOSH! ♥_♥

10. Their performances, they gave their all. That was the most kilig moment for me.

Envious/Jealous moments…

1. Leeteuk smiled at the fansign of the person beside me. LOL. He also wiped his sweat with a towel, he kissed the girl who performed with him, he wanted to be fanned (wth) with the rotating and colorful mini fan, he touched the hands of the Upper Box A people, he was looking on the people beside me, he was receiving gifts rom others. And many more.

2. Kyu kissed a girl’s hand.

3. EunHae moments. I’m jealous. >_< Haha.

4. They received other’s gifts. Haha. Although some were thrown back again.

5. The flower!

6. Haist. And many more.

Sadly, I didn’t give Teuk my present for him. Haha. I was afraid. You know why >:) But it’s okay, I’ll still cherish it. (I planned not to give it naman anymore eh).

What else, ah oh  yes. THEY ARE REALLY HANDSOME IN PERSON! I wish to see them twice next SS3. Please! Please!

LOL at Donghae’s popularity! He was the most favorite of the crowd. I didn’t really notice that he was so handsome not until I saw him near to me. Okay, punch me now.

Shindong and Yesung was freaking hot! Ryeowook too. Gosh.

WTH. I have been looking at, taking videos and pictures of Teukie, but my cellphone failed. I didn’t capture anything good. Argh. Fail. Fail. Fail! >_<

But it’s okay. I’ll still cherish the moment of seeing them live. I said to myself, “Oh, this was really the feeling of seeing them in person. It was a good experience. I think I know now how they feel about seeing the fans cheering for them and filling the whole venue with Sapphire Blue. It was mutual.”

I am happy. But I didn’t saw Teukie cry. He was smiling all the time. They said Eunhyuk cried, but I didn’t saw him cry. Argh. FAIL FAIL FAIL again. TThey said Leeteuk, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk cried! BUT WHY DIDN’T I SEE THEM CRY? I felt guiltier. What the heck. I thought they were only teary eyed. I hate it… One of the reasons why I wanted to come is because I wanted to see the three cry. Especially Teukie… he’s the most beautiful person when crying. I feel crying now.

But my bestfriend hanminteuk said that it’s okay,  she said, “Maybe because if you saw them cry, you’ll cry also. You don’t want them to see you cry, right? So God let that happened. He made you look to other members just not to see them cry.”

Leeteuk sang a Filipino song? Kyah! I wanted to hear. I love you! You never fail me.

Donghae also updated his CY. I love it.

From the Angel, through my heart. I love you Leeteuk ♥♥♥

So I guess, I can’t really not go to SS3. I can’t wait for their 4Jib too. Hwaiting, SJ! Thank you for the best night ever.

Pics and fancams were… ARGH! Hahahahaha.

I miss the other members.  T_T

Final say: Thanks for the cyworld sidebar update Teukie! I love you too! You are still the one for me. Hope to see you again soon. Next time, I’ll be doing anything just to be with you (WTH) Ang gwapo mo sa personal! I love you daw sabi ni Ana (I am Ana, LOL).

I’ll focus on what to do! 😀 But I don’t think I can get over that easily. It’ll remain for a month, I think.

Only one and a half hour to go before their flight. Goodbye. Oh no, I mean, see you later! I love you all! Kisses!


OMG! Hyuk! You wore Alex’s hat! OMG! Donghae, thanks for giving it to Eunhyukkie~! It was Alex’s greatest day ever. Thank you. You are so sweet, you make me fall in love with you two more! (GOOD THING I HELD HER HAT ONCE!)

Good thing I held the hat Eunhyukkie's wearing before Alex gave it to Hae, then Hae gave it to Eunhyuk! Kyah!

Like what cheonsa23 said, Sorry Heechul for not chanting Milky White Skin Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul. Really sorry. T_T But promise, I chanted!

Sungmin got a thong and condoms. LOL What the heck. That’s why he’s laughing all throughout. Leeteuk too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Donghae! KYAH!

Kyah! I will cherish this forever.

And we saw three planes in the sky at exactly 1:05 – 1:30pm I don’t know which plane you are, so… we waved goodbye and we said our farewell (in our house. We were shouting. LOL)! Goodbye! I mean see you! We’ll be waiting again!

P.S. Leeteuk! Please create a twitter account too >_< So that I can follow you… follow you follow you~… 😀 I’m really guilty that I didn’t give DinoTeuk. Yehey! I really thought Leeteuk had a haircut. And I’m not wrong. I love it… superb. Okay, next time, I’ll hold your hands too, and I’ll pull you down. Hahaha. Just joking.


One thought on “Having Fun at Super Show 2 in Manila

  1. LOL..so you’re an accounting major…hahaha…if you’re a CPA during this time and is working on an auditing firm…most probably, you will not able to see this concert…why? coz’ its near April 15 – ITR deadlines, and its our busiest weeks..(yes, I am a CPA who worked in an auditing firm and I just resgined..LOL…and then the news of SS2..LOL just in time)

    anyway..I was on standing right..and I was a bit disappointed since I want to see kyu super uplcose and super long…but I was wrong =( coz’ he’s always on the left front stage..all I could see is his back… =( except for one song ( sorry I forgot) where he stand on the middle stage..right in front of me..OMG!! i put down my cam and just stare at him…he smiled to us..and OMG!!! his eyes is shining and as my friend describes it (which is btw a siwon fan) – he smile from the bottom of his heart…OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    for SS3..we’ll get the seated center -VIP…hehehe…

    the concert was great…I just had the wrong place..huhuh

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