(RP-95) Over Excited Because of A Dream Come True

Okay Okay. I’m really excited about the concert tomorrow here in the Philippines. I can’t believe that my prayers (I mean our prayers) are really coming true.

Before, one year ago, I was really praying that they’ll have a concert here, or even a fansigning event here in the Philippines. All of my dreams about them are concerts, and event, so I got a little hope. Fortunately, all of my wishes have come true, and will totally come true tomorrow. I’m seeing my most favorite KPOP groups of all time.

Thanks for the answered prayer, God. I hope everything will turn out better tomorrow.

I watched the news about their arrival an hour ago and goodness. They were welcomed with so many fans! Super. I can;t believe my eyes when I was watching on the tv. However, I didn’t come to the airport. Why? Of course, I want to see them tomorrow. I will be able to resist not going there so that it will be really one night only. Three hours.

I spazzed when I saw Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Zhoumi and Henry on the television. Gosh. Eunhyuk’s smile made me super giddy. Maybe tomorrow, I can never believe my eyes from seeing them personally, performing in front of many fans, such as me. Donghae and Zhoumi’s smile killed me. Good thing I am still alive because I have to see them personally first. Shindong is so cute. Yesung, Sungmin and Heechul are hot. I love their shades by the way.

But the person who made me feel super kilig ‘na-ground’ haha, joking, is Leeteuk. Okay I’m biased but so what. I died when he waved at the camera. He’s okay! He’s wearing white again. And shades. Wait, did he get a haircut? Looks like it. Ah. I want to see him 😀 His popularity.

Speaking of his popularity, I didn’t see Kyuhyun. What the hell. I only saw him on a picture taken by a friend. What the heck? But I saw him wearing blue shirt. Haha. I’m a stalker, who knows? Joking.

Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Siwon, I didn’t see them on TV. I knew Siwon wasn’t there because he’s going tomorrow. Ryeowook, where is he? I wanted to see the rest of the guys, but I think it’s impossible. Although this is my last Super Show, I’ll still enjoy myself. Sing along and dance along.

I have a gift for Teukie. I hope he’ll accept it and not throw it away or give it to others. It took me 2 hours just to come up with the idea. I didn’t even do my assignment just for it. Of course, I’m joking, I’m doing it now. I’m just too excited, and I just can’t hide it.

Oh my gosh, don’t you know Donghae has a twiter account already? I’m really excited about it. One step closer, so I followed him, and Shindong too! He keeps on tweeting about their last stop here in Philippines for the Super Show 2 because they are concentrating on 4jib. Really excited about that too. I also heard that Donghae didn’t sleep all throughout their journey. Gosh, I think he’s excited to see all of his fans here, and he bowed to greet his fan (I just saw it on a fancam).

Yes, my birthday wish for him came true. Yehey! I’m so happy for his fans that includes me).

Zhoumi’s birthday is fast approaching too! He’s so cute smiling on the camera. I want to see him also.

My mother and my sister just bought their tickets. I think my sister is the youngest who will go, and my mother is the oldest (She’s just accompanying my sister who was very sad when she can’t buy a ticket for SVIP, so my father decided to give her money so that she can come, with my mother of course. But she’s not a fan. She just like Siwon’s handsome face) But I’m so happy for my sister. She’s going to see Heechul and Donghae (and Kyuhyun *evil laugh*)

Oh well, what else… Ah, Sungmin updated his cyworld about his excitement for their concert here. Eunhyuk too! That got me… 😀

Okay, I’ve been writing too long now. About 20 minutes, and I have to sleep at exactly 12 am so that I can wake up earlier tomorrow for my class. Argh. Why should we have a class tomorrow again? Yes, it’s accounting. Ahaha. Even if the topics are ‘easy’ and they will just involve theories and it is not compulsary, I think I should come still. I should run towards the coliseum after my class. Immediately, I’ll meet my friends.

Good night. I hope I can post fanaccounts here later (and pictures, the cams are not allowed, only celphones, but we cannot take a video too). I understand, they don’t want leakage of the vids. But it’s unfair. XD I’ll just sneak my cam na lang. Haha.

Good night and see you tomorrow for the concert 😀 I hope it’ll turn out right. I know it will.


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