(RP-96) Proofread

I can’t think of another title, so… I saw the word ‘proofread’ in the text box. LOL.

Yey! I’m back. But instead of going to Baguio, we just went to Tagaytay. Why? Buses were already uhm, full… So we couldn’t go to Baguio.

However, I enjoyed my stay in Tagaytay. We stayed in a retreat house, where a grandma from mother’s side is living. The place is so beautiful! Full of green trees and colorful flowers. On the garden, there is the stations of the cross. The breeze is so gentle, and it’s so cold.

Last Thursday, we went out and went to Picnic Grove in Tagaytay. The place was just about five kilometers from where we stayed, but it was really traffic. Before enjoying inside the place, we parked our car and ate at the restaurant near Picnic Grove because we didn’t bring food to eat! Silly us… we just knew that Picnic Grove is called Picnic grove because it’s a place for having a PICNIC. See? Hahahaha.

Then after eating, my sister and I rode a white horse. At first, the man guided us, and when my sister went down the horse, I was left alone. The horse ran and I was the one who was controlling it. It’s my second time to ride a horse, but it’s the first time that I was the one who drove the horse. It was really a fun experience. But I got a scar, I didn’t know when. 🙂

After that, we sight-saw to the beauty of Taal Lake. And then, we went to the place where zipline is located.

I didn’t know what entered my mind. I wanted to try it! Zipline by the way looks like this:

credits: visitpilipinas

It was really fun. Look at it. You are almost 120 feet below you… But when you ride it, you’ll definitely be fulfilled. Promise.

Next is we returned to the retreat house and attended the mass of washing of the feet. We had a feast afterwards and we watched “Ang Hapag ng Pag-Asa”.

The next day is a prayer day. At seven in the morning, we had the stations of the cross with the mothers and sisters. After that we ate breakfast. At twelve in the afternoon, we had the seven last words shortcut version and listened to the priest. I studied inside a gazeebo and fell asleep. Then at three in the afternoon, we attended the mass in a nearby church. We kissed Jesus’ feet at the cross and had the station of the cross again. Then at seven thirty in the evening, after our dinner, we had a procession and we prayed the rosary.

Then the next day, which is today, we went back here.

Oh, I missed the net so much.

This is the first time that I came to celebrate the Holy Week with prayers. And I’m really happy about this experience.

Jesus is going to resurrect tomorrow. Yehey!

It’s near! Woohoo! SS2! Actually, I have forgotten all about it… but my mother just reminded me, “Susunduin ka pa ba namin sa Sabado? (Are we going to fetch you this Saturday?)” I asked, “Bakit, anong meron sa Sabado? (What’s happening this Saturday?)” Then she laughed, “Eh di concert ng Super Junior. (Super Junior concert, of course.)”



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